Sofia Jamora Goes Topless In Red Lace Lingerie

Sofia Jamora wears a tiger-print outfit.
Greg Doherty / Getty Images

Sofia Jamora shared a brand new photo today on Instagram, and it likely caught many people’s attention, as she was spotted going topless in red lingerie.

The model sported lacy bottoms with a low waistline and high-rise cut in the back. She then paired it with thigh-high fishnet stockings. The stockings had a stripe of lace on the top, which connected to her bottoms with a garter.

Sofia posed on top of a see-through stool. She sat with her back arched slightly, as she hugged herself. This helped to censor her chest completely. The stunner glanced at the camera while tilting her head to the left. Her hair was worn down in a middle part, and soft waves cascaded down to her lower back.

The bombshell’s makeup was also notable. She wore extra-long lashes and shimmery silver eyeshadow. Her lips were done in glossy lipstick with a dark liner.

The backdrop revealed that she was on set of a professional photo shoot. And thanks to the zoomed-out nature of the shot, fans were able to get a behind-the-scenes look. The white backdrop extended high into the frame, with an aluminum ladder propped to the left side. The lighting also focused on her face and upper torso, which glowed in a golden light. The rest of her body was left in the shadows.

The tags revealed some of the people behind the shoot, including her hair stylist, Yalina, and makeup artist, Flavio Angel Alvarado.

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christmas is never over when i'm your present

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Sofia managed to keep the holiday vibes alive with her flirty captions on the day after Christmas, to which fans had plenty to say in the comments section.

“Sweet lord Jesus thanks for blessing my eyes on this Christmas evening,” declared an admirer.

“D*MN SOFS IM DYING RIGHT NOW,” gushed a follower.

“You are everything!!!!!!!!! Yesss!!!” exclaimed a fan.

“I would climb up that ladder to give you the best lighting you could ask for,” joked a fourth Instagram user.

Considering that Sofia hadn’t posted anything related to the holidays until now, it’s not too surprising that she’s mentioning Christmas.

Previously, the bombshell went topless for another social media update. In that post, she was seen standing outdoors by a rectangular pool. She posed in just a pair of thong bikini bottoms. Sofia stood with her back angled toward the camera, and again hugged herself. Her bottoms were neon pink with sparkle gem accents on the back. She wore her hair down and gave a flirty look.