Russian Babe Irina Shayk Poses At The Beach Wearing Nothing But A White Thong, Fans Go Wild

Irina Shayk at The Innovator Awards
Lars Niki / Getty Images

Russian hottie Irina Shayk impressed her 13 million followers with a jaw-dropping photo of herself walking on the beach while almost entirely naked. The bombshell smolders at the camera while crossing her arms across her chest and bikini area to keep her Instagram update from becoming totally NSFW.

Beyond a white string thong, Irina is not wearing anything else. Her nude body is on display along with ample cleavage and her bare butt. Irina looks incredibly sexy with her windswept beachy brunette waves and tanned flawless skin.

Unfortunately for her admirers, the photo does leave some to the imagination, as Irina ensured her arm was covering up the majority of her chest. Her busty curves are still visible, but not as much as they could be had she angled her arm differently.

It looks like the model is wearing a long necklace with multiple dangling strands, each one with individual beads on the end. However, she has it tossed over her shoulder so the long strands dangle down to tickle the top of her rear end. A gold necklace chain is visible around her neck. She is also wearing several gold bracelets.

Other than her accessories and scandalous white panties, Irina chose not to let any other item of clothing hide her spectacular body.

It’s not clear what beach Irina is posing on, but she’s added even more beauty to the scenery by kneeling almost naked in the crystal-clear waters.

Thanks to the saucy nature of Irina’s beachside snapshot, her picture has already gained over 50,000 likes. Close to 400 people have commented on the photo as well. Even though it’s the day after Christmas, many of her fans are taking this remarkable photo as Irina’s gift to her followers.

“[Y]ou’ve got to be kidding me,” said one impressed fan along with several heart-eye emoji.

“That sea is such a nice colour,” wrote a second person.

“Christmas greetings from Irina lol,” added a third admirer.

“This is wonderful. Im shocked! Wow beauty… omg,” said a fourth fan.

Last month, The Inquisitr reported that Irina had gone topless yet again. The model posed in an incredible cape and red thigh-high stockings. She did not wear anything on her top half and instead covered her breasts by cupping them in her bare hands. Fans were blown away by her brazenness and the flexibility of her slender body.

For the previous picture, she slicked back her hair and wore red high heels.