Ana Cheri Flaunts Her Booty In Tight-Fitting Pink Activewear

Ana Cheri poses for a selfie
Ana Cheri / Instagram

Fitness model Ana Cheri isn’t wasting any time in preparing for the new year. The stunner posted a new photograph to her Instagram account on Thursday night to show off her fit body and advertise her Cheri Fit athleticwear.

“New Year New You Challenge is gonna be OPEN FOR ENTERTAINMENT this Saturday,” wrote the stunner.

Her photo caption explains more about the challenge and its many perks, including mean plans and more. She even has several fun hashtags to motivate her 12.5 million followers to get involved in the New Year New You Challenge and post their process to their social media accounts.

Ana is wearing an outfit from her clothing line. She’s modeling a pink sports bra and high-waisted jogging pants. While her outfit doesn’t show a lot of skin, it does highlight her curvy butt. Her pants are incredibly snug, which is beneficial to their purpose but also makes them cling to the curves of her behind. Her fans are sure to be happy about this belated Christmas gift and early New Year’s present.

Ana’s silky brown hair hangs down her backside, and a few locks frame her adorable face. It’s not clear if Ana styled her hair herself or if a hairstylist attended to her locks, but her curls are perfectly set and make her look exceptionally gorgeous. The stunner is also wearing a full face of makeup, including lip gloss, mascara, blush, and foundation.

She’s not wearing any accessories that are visible on-camera, but the background of Ana’s photo is full of Christmas cheer. She’s posing in front of a Christmas tree with several gifts beneath it. There are lots of snowflakes in the background as well. The entire color palette is silver and gold, which are fitting New Year’s colors, and they help make her pink outfit stand out.

“I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with you’re loved ones as well wow you’re so stunning,” wrote one of her followers.

“I hope you had a happy Holidays as well Ana!! Love your cheri fit outfit! Absolutely stunning thanks for making my day,” said a second person.

Ana is very fond of showing off her seductively curvy body on Instagram. On Christmas Day, she blessed her fans with another photo of herself framed from behind. The Inquisitr reported that the model showed off her booty yet again in a very festive outfit, including a Santa hat and booty shorts with gingerbread men on them.