Man Blows Self Up In Truck In Revenge Plot

bradley kollar truk explosion

Hastings, PA – A Pennsylvania man blew himself up while sitting inside his truck in what is deemed an act of revenge. Two other people were injured when Bradley Kollar, 40, set fire to the explosives inside his truck on Tuesday morning.

Bradley Kollar parked his truck outside of William Shaner’s home shortly before 9 am. The massive explosion was reportedly heard at least four miles away. When emergency responders arrived on the scene, the area was compared to a war zone. The explosives inside Kollar’s truck leveled the Shaner residence.

The Shaner residence was reduced to rubble and leveled right down to its very foundation. Debris from the blast was scattered across the road and blown about by heavy winds. Pennsylvania Hazardous Device and Explosives investigators and ATF agents were still combing through the wreckage on Tuesday evening.

William Shaner was reportedly in critical condition at an area hospital. A teenage boy, who was also inside the Shaner home at the time of the explosion, was also injured in the blast. Two other children who reportedly live at the home had already left for school before the truck explosion.

A Pennsylvania coroner ruled Bradley Kollar’s death a suicide. Law enforcement officers are treating the explosion as a criminal investigation. Sources allegedly close to Kollar told a local news outlet that the man believed William Shaner had “snitched” on him. Bradley and his father John Kollar, 64, faced multiple criminal charges.

The father and son were reportedly facing a court hearing on charges stemming from meth lab and chop shop allegations. An official motive has not yet been released in the Pennsylvania truck explosion incident.

Bradley Kollar had pled guilty to charges in January and was awaiting a sentencing hearing. When Kollar did not appear at his scheduled court appearance, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

bradley kollar truck explosion