WWE News: Former Champ Says Vince McMahon Views Jeff Hardy As Bigger Star Than Matt


There have been numerous superstars in WWE over the years, and fans believe that upper management has its share of favorites. The Hardy Boyz have had a few great runs in the company, but right now, things are not going so well for the brothers. With Jeff Hardy sidelined due to injury and personal troubles, Matt Hardy could still be pushed, but a former champion says Vince McMahon has his reasons for not running with that.

True wrestling fans know that Matt Hardy can be successful on his own, but WWE hasn’t given him much of a chance to do that. Jeff has been out of action since May, and Matt has only had a handful of matches since then, despite being perfectly healthy and on the active roster.

When it comes down to it, no fan can understand why Matt Hardy has been absent from WWE television, and why he’s now being buried. Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback said that he knows why it is happening on a recent episode of Conversations With The Big Guy.

Ryback said that when he was trying to leave WWE, Vince McMahon gave him the Intercontinental Title. When the big guy chose to not re-sign, he was immediately put into a losing streak and that’s what he feels is happening with Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy speaks to the broken universe.
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As transcribed by Ringside News, Ryback said he feels as if Vince sees Jeff as the bigger star of The Hardy Boyz and doesn’t want to push Matt on his own.

“It’s certainly not doing Matt any favors with that whole Jeff Hardy situation. But in my personal opinion, based on the history of Matt Hardy and how they have booked him in the past, they’ve always viewed Jeff Hardy as the bigger singles star in the company’s eyes.”

Ryback believes that it has always been like that with the Hardy Boyz, and that Jeff is seen as the bigger star in Vince’s eyes. If WWE does what they’ve done with others, Jeff could have time added onto his contract to make up for the months missed due to injury.

Matt Hardy’s contract reportedly expires in February or March of 2020, and as of this time, he doesn’t seem to be in a good light.

Anything can happen in the WWE and Matt Hardy could end up being pushed on his own in the future, or being teamed with Jeff yet again. Either way, the fans have been wanting to see “Broken” or “Woken” Matt, but all they have received is a former champion who loses to everyone.