Kelly Ripa Poses For A Selfie Via A Mysterious Mirror

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Kelly Ripa often talks about obscure aspects of her life, like the time she revealed she had plastic surgery on her ears after her gauges tore through both lobes. Thursday’s reason for why the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host offered information was not nearly as personal — but the content was certainly a bit odd.

The 49-year-old television personality took a full-length selfie, which isn’t strange in and of itself. However, Kelly did so after discovering a mirror in the home she stated she has “lived” in for the past 11 years, as mentioned in the caption of her photo.

Her statement likely meant to say she was in a house that she “owned” for 11 years. SheKnows stated that while Kelly’s primary residence is her New York City-based upper Eastside manse where the Ripa-Conseulos clan moved only six years ago in 2013, the clan has possessed a vacation home in Telluride since 2008.

Kelly may have meant it was in their Colorado house in which she found a new way to look at her reflection this holiday season since that treasured spot in the Centennial State is where her family often goes during their winter vacation. That means that she could have discovered the mysterious mirror during this winter holiday in a house in which she does not regularly reside.

With that mystery hopefully solved, Kelly previously revealed via The Inquisitr that she was rocking her festive outfit for Christmas in an earlier Instagram story. The source pointed out that the top came with a huge Santa Claus face while the accompanying midi skirt, which featured a very merry red color, was pleated from the top of the waistband to the hemline. The former All My Children actress did not seem to be wearing much makeup — if any — but she wore a festive hair ornament in her hair.

The scene from her latest social media update was complete with a couple of rafters gracing the ceiling while a few white shutters showed up on one wall. Directly behind the reflection of Kelly’s head, a large window had been segmented into many different panes.

Kelly’s mysterious mirror discovery earned plenty of attention from the star’s Instagram account, which boasts 2.6 million followers. The update received more than 6,500 likes and 188 comments within an hour of being shared.

“It’s also a very perfect dancing mirror I might add,” remarked Lisa Rinna about Kelly’s new find.

“Come over and prove it!” Kelly replied to Lisa.

“Yes please and video it! Love you ladies!!” stated another person, who responded to both Lisa and Kelly and added a red heart and a dancing girl emoji.

Others talked about what Kelly was wearing. Many remarked about the color combination in her outfit, with some commenting on the holiday shirt and skirt combo while others talked about Kelly’s life in general.

“Your journey never ends!!” stated one follower.