Brunette Bombshell Niece Waidhofer Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous Wearing Itty-Bitty Black Panties And A Bunny Mask

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Brunette bombshell Niece Waidhofer wasted no time in getting back into the swing of things after Christmas. While the model has been stunning her followers with plenty of sexy holiday photo shoots, she took to her Instagram on Thursday evening to make jaws drop by posing in a cleavage-baring bra and barely there black panties.

The stunner is seen standing with her legs spread shoulder-width apart in front of a full-length mirror. Her impressive cleavage is bountiful, and the curvy nature of her breasts was displayed in her new Instagram update.

From her chest to the waistband of her tiny panties, Niece’s 1.1 million followers were treated to an incredible view of her taut abdomen. The model has a slender waist and equally slim hips. Thanks to the low-waisted nature of her black undies, Niece’s gun tattoos are also easy to spot.

To complete her edgy ensemble, Niece is wearing a black leather rabbit mask from MONAMOR, a brand known for selling fetish leather accessories and more. Niece also added leather and gold wristlets and a black choker necklace.

Her long brown hair is down and appears to be straightened. The model is wearing her signature makeup look, including smoky eyeshadow, shimmery pink lip gloss, and her eyebrows have been expertly tweezed and styled.

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Hey kid, wanna buy some Trix?

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It’s impossible not to be struck speechless by Niece’s bold fashion choices. Her photo already has over 42,000 likes and 700 comments. The stunner looks quite pleased with herself in the image as she stares at her phone screen to get the perfect angle and opens her lips into a sexy pout.

Niece asked her followers if they would buy some Trix cereal in her photo caption. Many of her admirers flooded her comments section with cheeky remarks about being open to buying anything she was offering. Others jokingly chimed in with their favorite cereal brands, asking if Niece had any of those in stock.

“Only if they’re the kind that makes rabbits look like that,” wrote one fan.

“Trix, tricks, whatever, I’ll buy it everyday,” said a second person.

“Haven’t had Trix forever and now I’m suddenly hungry for some!” exclaimed a third user.

“Your a whole lot better looking than that Trix rabbit…… Absolutely gorgeous,” added a fourth admirer.

On Christmas Eve, The Inquisitr reported that Niece shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing nothing but a flannel button-up shirt and low-waisted jeans. Her busty chest was displayed prominently in that photo as well since she left her shirt completely unbuttoned.