Okay President Obama, it’s time to get out of the healthcare business – all of it

I don’t talk about politics in public company. It’s one of my rules. I especially don’t talk about American politics even though I probably know it better than I know the politics of my own country.

So why am I stepping into the piranha infested arena of American politics where one can find oneself shredded to the bone faster than you can whistle a teabagger’s theme song?

Because there has been a shift and I figured that maybe an outsider message to President Obama might be in order.

You see normally I talk about things like Social Media and how it has the potential to change our society but then I see how the Democrats have had their collective asses handed to them by an ex-nude model and I wonder if social change is nothing more than a figment of our imaginations.

It is not only handed to them on a silver platter but it happens in the very state that believed in and supported the father of healthcare: Ted Kennedy. While the dissection over the loss will occupy the Democrat party for sometime the message couldn’t be any clearer.

The message is clear President Obama.

The people of the United States do not want healthcare reform.

They don’t care that their country has one of the largest number of people in the civilized world who can’t afford any kind of healthcare.

They don’t care that more people in the greatest democracy in the world face total bankruptcy due to a family member getting sick.

They don’t care that healthcare companies continue to make billions while they make coverage more and more expensive and cover less.

So President Obama I have a suggestion for you.

It’s time to get out of the healthcare business – all of it (excluding the VA).

Seriously. You of all people know that between Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid the United States will be irrevocably on the road to bankruptcy. You can’t afford what you are already providing and as we look to a future of a tsunami of baby boomers reaching retirement the debt required to support them will be mind boggling.

Those who have opposed any change as well as those against any government healthcare support argue that the market or private business will be able to cover the needs of the people.

So, let them.

Get out of the healthcare business President Obama. Shut down Medicare and Medicaid. Let the market handle the problem. Let the healthcare companies meter out care as they see fit. After all this is what the people are telling you.

In the microcosm of Massachusetts – the home of the liberals, the home of the social giants better known as The Kennedy’s – you have been told that healthcare isn’t the responsibility of the government. You’ve been smacked across the face by the very people who helped put you in that office.

Sure it will be a bitter pill to swallow President Obama but at least you will be able to face the American people and tell them that you have given them exactly what they wanted.

Yup. Exactly what they wanted.