Sara Underwood Gets Busy In Cabinland While Flaunting Her Conspicuous Cleavage

Ethan MillerGetty Images

While Sara Underwood appears as if she lives a simple life in the woods, the reality is that she is constantly taking care of a lot of regular chores. Most of those chores pertain to the tiny houses that she and her boyfriend, Jacob Witzling, create.

In her most recent Instagram post, the female member of the hard-working, outdoorsy couple admitted there was a lot to do for their “cabinland.”

For the post, Sara stood in front of one of their little homes with its pitched roof covered in moss while another one of the tiny cottages was attached to a brown pick-up truck parked next to the stationary cabin.

In the first of two photos in the update, the 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year posed in front of a bunch of trees that are part of Olympic National Forest, the charming place where Jacob and Sara live.

In the shot, the beautiful star rocked a rust-colored beanie, a fleece-lined jacket opened in the front, high-waisted jeans, and a skimpy white tank top. She wore the top without a bra underneath, making the outline of her breasts clearly visible. This was especially so in the second image of the deck since that photo was a close-up, whereas the first photo was a wide shot.

In the last snap, Sara faced forward as she tilted her head with her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted. Her cap included some text along the front while her shoulder-length blond hair spilled onto the top of her chest. Her enviable cleavage was highlighted as she put one hand on her waist while half of her jacket fell down the other shoulder. This pose also allowed her to reveal some generous sideboob.

For the image, Sara wore a face of subtle makeup. Her brows were darkened and groomed and her eyes were treated to a bit of mascara.

Sara’s most recent Instagram post was popular with her 9.3 million followers. The internet model’s most recent social media update was liked nearly 32,000 times within two hours of going live.

In addition, the post earned more than 170 comments, with many followers offering different emoji, including the symbols for butterflies, red hearts, and daisy blooms.

Others wrote about how they were feeling about the 35-year-old beauty’s update and other matters.

“What did you think of Star Wars,” asked one fan, who added a red heart exclamation point emoji to the question, to which Sara replied that she “didn’t love” the movie.

“Hey Sara, how is it going with the building? Are you taking [a] vacation during [the] holidays?” queried another follower.

“Yep gotta make time for family,” Sara remarked, adding a red heart emoji to her answer.

“That truck is so awesome!” stated a third admirer, who was talking about the vehicle that carried one of Sara and Jacob’s tiny houses.