Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Lashes Out At Nelle As The Cellmates Are Reunited At Pentonville

Kelly Monaco plays Sam on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Friday’s episode of General Hospital puts Sam and Nelle back together again, and spoilers hint that fans will not want to miss these scenes. As everybody saw during Thursday’s show, Nelle caused a ruckus when she asked Willow for a chance to hold Wiley and Michael managed to intervene. Then it was revealed that Nelle was about to be transported back to jail after her “attack” from Ryan turned out to be too minor to get her the results she wanted. Now, it seems she’ll be back with her cellmate, and things will remain contentious between the two women.

The sneak peek for Friday’s episode reveals that Nelle will be back at Pentonville and back in her cell with Sam. Fans got quite the kick out of the initial scenes with these two women being put together behind bars, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that these upcoming moments will be just as delightful and intense.

Viewers will have to tune in on Friday to see just what Nelle says to Sam when they are back together again. However, it seems clear that Nelle will waste no time in pushing Sam’s buttons again and doing her best to thoroughly agitate her roommate.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Nelle will get under Sam’s skin fairly quickly, but Sam will try to battle back. At one point, Sam will slam a chair on the floor and tell Nelle that she needs to shut her mouth before Sam shuts it for her.

Just what does Nelle say that prompts this outburst from Sam? That much hasn’t been revealed yet. However, SheKnows Soaps does note that Nelle will be insistent about something during Friday’s show.

WATCH: Sam endures her first night as Nelle's new cellmate. #GH

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Nelle hasn’t figured out how to free herself and her latest plan backfired. She got a moment of gazing upon Jonah at General Hospital, though, and spoilers hint that this may make her all the more determined to figure out a new plan.

She may push Sam’s buttons just for kicks, do it as a way to manage her personal frustration, or use this as an opportunity to progress her own interests. Whatever her motivations, it looks as if Nelle will accomplish her goal. It seems unlikely she’ll be all that flustered by Sam’s outburst, and if anything, she’ll probably delight in knowing she pushed Sam to the brink.

It’s not known yet when or how Sam will finally get out of jail, but it looks like it will take a while yet. As for Jonah, General Hospital spoilers tease that this situation will be resolved in the New Year, and fans cannot wait to see how it all goes down.