WWE News: Goldberg Reveals Why Eric Bischoff Chewed Him Out In WCW

Even some of the biggest legends needed to have lessons learned.

Goldberg prepares to deliver a "Spear" in the match.

Even some of the biggest legends needed to have lessons learned.

Bill Goldberg is a WWE Hall of Famer and a true legend in the world of professional wrestling, but he didn’t always know his way around the ring. Back in his early WCW days, Goldberg was still learning and figuring out all of the ins-and-outs of how everything worked. Decades later, he still remembers virtually everything about those early struggles. Recently, he revealed why Eric Bischoff chewed him out backstage after just his second-ever match in WCW.

For those who saw Goldberg’s original run in WCW, he completely obliterated everyone who stepped into the ring with him. He was the recipient of a monster push which led to the United States Championship as well as the World Heavyweight Title and becoming one of the top guys in the company.

Even though it seemed as if he could do no wrong, there were limitations even for Goldberg when it came to what he could and couldn’t do. On a recent episode of Broken Skull Sessions, the heavyweight champion told Stone Cold Steve Austin that Bischoff almost lost his mind on him back in 1997.

In his second-ever televised match, Goldberg faced off against veteran wrestler The Barbarian and ultimately came out on top. Still, there was one move that Goldberg took during the match that he was instructed to never do again.

As transcribed by Ringside News, Goldberg said that — during the match — he ended up on the top rope and at a disadvantage. Around the 1:52 mark of the video of the match, Goldberg takes a belly to belly suplex off the top turnbuckle, which is kind of shocking for two big men to pull off.

After the match was over, Goldberg said he was immediately chewed out backstage.

“I get to the back and Eric Bischoff runs up to me and goes ‘Don’t you ever do that again’ — ‘what did I do?’ — ‘you’re never climbing up there again.’ I was like Barbarian I love him, I respect him, I just did whatever he asked me to do.”

Goldberg was younger and just starting out and hadn’t fully learned the limitations of his character or how important he was. He said that he “started learning a little bit about a lot of things during that time slowly” and how he was supposed to work in the ring.

Bill Goldberg crashed on the scene in WWE.

Goldberg was very hyper and quite exuberant in the early stages of his career, but he quickly learned that slowing things down was necessary. Bischoff had been in the wrestling business for a long time already at that point and the veteran made sure the future WWE Hall of Famer realized the secrets to a lengthy career early on.