‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Thursday: Michael Intervenes, Maxie Rattles Peter, & Franco’s Stunned

Chloe Lanier and Chad Duell portray Nelle and Michael on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Thursday, December 26, detail that fans will see a lot of intriguing scenes playing out. Shows did air slightly out of order this week, but viewers should feel somewhat back on track by Friday.

According to SheKnows Soaps, there is an awkward moment coming for Willow. As viewers saw last week, Willow was holding Wiley at General Hospital as Nelle approached. Spoilers note that during Thursday’s episode, Nelle will start talking to Willow about how she lost her baby and she’ll ask to hold Wiley.

Willow will hesitate, but she will start to set Wiley down on Nelle’s lap. Luckily, Michael will come upon the two women right at that moment and he’ll stop Willow before Nelle can hold the toddler.

General Hospital spoilers share that he’ll chastise the guard for letting Nelle out of her room. In addition, Willow will be flustered to realize it was Nelle she’d encountered. She’ll wonder how Brad can be close with someone so clearly manipulative and soon Brad himself shows up and is glad to see the little boy.

Some Port Charles residents will gather at Turning Woods, but this won’t be a smooth visit. Gladys, the relative pulled into the Dev cover-up, will visit a confused Mike. General Hospital spoilers share that Mike will be worried because Yvonne seems to be missing — soon, Marcus will show up and explain.

It will be revealed that Yvonne’s condition has significantly deteriorated. She is currently hospitalized and is being fed through a tube. Gladys will interject that this is a bad idea. Marcus will then promise Mike that Yvonne will be back.

Anna has been reviewing records to try to either confirm or debunk what Jason recently claimed about Peter. The last that viewers saw, she had found something problematic and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she’ll tell Finn that Peter and the gunman from GH were at the same DVX company at one time.

Finn will encourage Anna to pursue this, suggesting she talk to either the police or Robert. She’ll be hesitant, though, and he’ll point out that her silence could put other people at risk.

Violet will worry about why her mommy isn’t back and both Finn and Anna will try to comfort her. Elsewhere, Maxie and Peter will be at the square and she’ll surprise him with a Christmas stocking. This is another first for him, rattling him a bit.

Brook Lynn will end up at the square as well. General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll run into Julian. The two will talk for a while, broaching the subject of Lucas and Leo. Brook Lynn will then run into Maxie and will have a far less cordial chat with the other woman.

This episode brings Tracy back to Port Charles, too. General Hospital spoilers tease that Tracy will show up at the Quartermaine mansion and both Tracy and viewers will see that the place has been given a major makeover.

Franco and Elizabeth will be together at home and she’ll drop the bombshell that when he was “Drew,” he slept with Kim. General Hospital spoilers share that he’ll be distraught over this and will want to confront Kim, but Liz will explain that she’s gone. Soon, Franco spends time with Cameron and Jake and the family takes photos as they begin to celebrate the holiday.

General Hospital spoilers for the days ahead indicate that the truth about Wiley will cause waves and New Year’s Eve will be a wild one in Port Charles. Fans are anxious to see all of these explosions shake things up. Lots of exciting revelations are on the way.