'RHOBH' Star Brandi Glanville Celebrated Christmas As A 'Modern Family' With Eddie Cibrian And LeAnn Rimes

Brandi Glanville celebrated Christmas with her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, and the woman he cheated on her with and later married, LeAnn Rimes.

Following years of feuding between the ladies, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star confirmed to her fans and followers on Instagram that she and the country singer are now on good terms by sharing a family photo of them together with their families as they celebrated the holiday.

In a photo posted on Glanville's page on December 25, she told her online audience that she, Cibrian, and Rimes were a "modern family" as they posed alongside the two sons she and Cibrian share, 12-year-old Jake and 16-year-old Mason.

Around the same time, Rimes shared the same photo on her Instagram page, along with several other images that didn't include Glanville.

"Merry Christmas from the Cibs and the fam! Wishing you all a joy-full day!" Rimes wrote in the caption of her Christmas slideshow.

As fans will recall, Glanville and Cibrian had been married for nine years when Cibrian was caught cheating on her with Rimes, who was also married at the time. Then, two years after their 2009 affair was made public, Cibrian and Rimes tied the knot, which made Cibrian's one-time mistress the stepmother of Glanville's two sons.

While Cibrian and Rimes' affair prompted tons of drama between Rimes and Glanville, and understandably so, the women recently decided to put their tension in the past and move forward to a more positive place for the sake of Jake and Mason.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Glanville opened up about her relationship with Rimes during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in October. At the time, the longtime reality star and former model said that while she, Cibrian, and Rimes feud over the way in which they parent Jake and Mason at times, their relationship has come a long way in recent months.

"I don't know how we did it, all three of us, LeAnn, Eddie and myself," Glanville admitted to the outlet. "We -- that's a big thing for me to say, we. We have amazing children, Mason's 6'4," he's 16, gorgeous. Jake's gorgeous and he knows it! But they're so smart, they're kind, they're good people."

"I mean, it comes and goes," she continued of her relationship with Cibrian and Rimes. "We'll have a fight one week, and then we won't. But that comes with parenting two almost teenagers."

Glanville has not yet remarried.