‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Posts Christmas Day Photos Of A Dog So Cute She Looks Like A Toy

The CBS star shares photos from her family Christmas, but a precious pooch steals the show.

Julie Chen Moonves poses at an event

The CBS star shares photos from her family Christmas, but a precious pooch steals the show.

Julie Chen celebrated Christmas with a precious pup. The longtime Big Brother host shared a series of holiday photos to Instagram, and several of them were pics of Coco, a Santa Claus suit-wearing Pomeranian. The photos show the dog posing on an adorable doggie bed in front of a lit Christmas tree and later perched on a couch.

In the caption to the pic, Julie assured fans that Coco is indeed real, despite the fact that she looks like a stuffed Christmas toy. Julie also noted that Coco “loves” her Santa suit and hat.

While it’s unclear if Coco belongs to Julie and her husband Les Moonves, it’s no surprise that the CBS star’s Instagram followers had a lot to say about the mystery dog in her photo. Several Big Brother alums, including Season 19 winner Josh Martinez, Season 15 alum GinaMarie Zimmerman, and last summer’s contestants Kat Dunn and Nick Maccarone, reacted in the comments section to Julie’s post.

“She’s the cutest thing ever! Merry Christmas Julie,” one fan wrote.

“O M G!!! We need to meet Coco!!” another added.

“Oh. My. God. Where can I get myself a Coco?” a third fan asked.

“Where. Is. Her. Instagram…?” another wanted to know.

Fans know that Julie loves dogs. In 2016, she posted to Twitter to ask fans to help her decide what type of dog to get.

“I’m looking for a dog & need suggestions on what type!” Julie tweeted. ” 1. A dog good for a 7-year-old. 2. 25 lbs give or take. 3. Hypoallergenic. Go!”

A few months later she posted a photo to introduce social media followers to her new dog Mei Mei. The Big Brother veteran did not indicate what breed her dog is, but Mei Mei appears to be a Goldendoodle.

Meet the newest member of our family, Mei Mei … she's the best !!! ???????????????????? pic.twitter.com/csC83eDLYP

— Julie Chen (@JulieChen) September 24, 2016

As for Coco, the precious Pomeranian could belong to one of Julie’s family members, or she could be a new pet that Julie is introducing to fans for the first time.

Julie has been sharing photos for several weeks during an extended holiday trip to New York. The CBS star previously posed with her sister and her best friend at Rockefeller Center, and her Christmas week photos included pics from a visit to the childhood home she lived in while growing up in Queens.

Julie also posted an Instagram pic to share the secret to her Christmas Day prime rib (hint: it’s the rub!), but her greatest gift to fans this holiday season could be the Coco slideshow.