Anna Kournikova’s mom charged with felony child neglect

Tennis glamour model Anna Kournikova’s mother Alla is facing felony child neglect charges after an incident Tuesday at her Palm Beach, FL home where her five-year-old son plummeted from a window while left alone.

Police responded to a 911 call and found the child “wet” and “injured,” having fallen from the second story of the home. Authorities say the child, Allen, had been “in her residence unsupervised for in excess of 50 minutes,” and that Kournikova “failed to provide the necessary supervision to maintain the child’s physical well being.” After the child’s fall from the window, reports indicate he wandered to the backyard pool to soak his injured feet.

After attending to Allen’s injuries, police had to break back into the house through the second story window, as the entrances were deadbolted and windows were painted shut:

Police said they found no one else inside the house. To exit the house, police said, the officers had to climb back down the ladder because the locked doors required a key to unlock the deadbolts and the windows were painted shut. Alla Kournikova later told police a key was left on top of the refrigerator.

Alla Kournikova was eventually contacted when police left her a voicemail at 2:30pm, more than half an hour after police responded to reports of the child’s injuries. Kournikova finally returned home at 2:45 pm, and explained she left the child at home “with a phone” because he didn’t want to run errands.