'General Hospital' Spoilers Hint Of Big Bombshells Dropping In New Year, Including Truth About Wiley

New General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers should prepare themselves for some major developments in the coming days. Fans have known that New Year's Eve in Port Charles has the potential to be wild heading into 2020, and this sneak peek confirms that should be the case.

The new sneak peek shared Thursday morning via the show's Twitter page sets the stage for the next week or so of action. Viewers will get to see new episodes Thursday and Friday of this week along with Monday, Thursday, and Friday next week.

In previous episodes, Jax told Nikolas that either this complicated situation was resolved by New Year's, or he would back out and reveal everything. Carly also promised Jason that she would tell him everything if her secrets weren't resolved by New Year's, and this is references her secrets with Jax about Nikolas.

Recent episodes have shown Ava and Nikolas having intense confrontations, baby Jonah still living as Wiley, and Lucas remaining in a coma. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that each of these situations moves forward with significant progress in the coming days.

There is a lot jam-packed into this short, fast-moving preview. It looks as if much of what is incorporated is set to happen within the upcoming planned wedding for Nina and Valentin on New Year's Eve. As fans know, Nina has no intention of marrying Valentin again. Rather, she plans to destroy him for orchestrating the Sasha debacle, and he doesn't see it coming.

During the upcoming formal event, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Valentin will have heated confrontations with both Ava and Peter. Something will happen that leaves everybody looking shocked, and given the setting, this could be a number of things.

It could be that everybody is stunned by Nina finally exposing Valentin at the altar. It could also be that perhaps Nikolas shows himself, which would certainly be a shocker to people like Laura and Lulu in particular.

The sneak peek also shows Sonny telling Jason that he's not sitting back and waiting for things to happen. Viewers saw Sonny make a phone call after spotting Carly and Jason talking, and it seems that Sonny may manage to figure out the Nikolas secret before his wife can come clean.

Josslyn and Dev appear to share a heated moment where they either kiss or nearly kiss. Fans have been expecting this, and it looks as if there will be plenty of teen romance and angst in the New Year.

Of course, what many fans want is for the baby swap to be revealed. General Hospital spoilers from the preview appear to promise that this finally will be resolved in the upcoming year. Viewers will be hoping, naturally, that this happens early in 2020, not months down the road.

One segment of the preview seems to be quite specifically timed. Lucas is shown in a coma, then a shot of Wiley is shown, followed by a shot of Michael and a 2020 graphic. This is shown as the promo teases that the biggest bombshells are dropping in 2020, and this is the bombshell resolution that viewers are most anxious to see addressed.

Will Lucas soon awaken and remember the confession Brad gave right before the crash? Will Nelle ultimately blow up this secret as she tries to escape and snatch Jonah? General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps don't confirm much on the timing of this yet, but it definitely sounds as if 2020 kicks off with a bang.