Michele Bachmann Leads CNN’s Dana Bash On A High-Speed High-Heel Chase

Michele Bachmann and Dana Bash

Michele Bachmannreally didn’t want to talk to CNN.

The congresswoman led CNN correspondent Dana Bash on a high-speed, high-heel chase Tuesday as she tried to duck questions about some questionable claims she had made during her CPAC conference speech. “She literally raced away from our Dana Bash,” Anderson Cooper said on his show.

Bachmann had claimed that President Obama was living a kingly lifestyle inside the White House on the taxpayer’s dime, claiming that he had hired an expensive professional dog walker and multiple first-rate chefs to prepare meals for the first family.

“The claims of $1.4 billion in White House perks and excess, they fail on the facts in simple fairness,” Cooper said.

Bachmann apparently culled her information from a 131-page self-published book by a long-time Republican lobbyist. The book’s claims are suspect because they don’t provide specific sourcing, and the only scholarly work done on the subject was published in 2010 by the Brookings Institution, a left-leaning think tank.

That report, brought to light by The Washington Post, showed that Bush’s White House cost about $1.6 billion to run. Most of it went to the Secret Service and White House helicopters, not perks. Even if Bachmann’s claims are correct, and Obama is spending most of his White House operating expenses on personal pleasures, his White House is still about $200 million cheaper as of now.

CNN dispatched Bash to follow-up with Bachmann, who soon found herself in a literal race for answers.

“She was moving so fast, I have to tell you it tested my endurance,” Bash recalled. A video shows an out-of-breath Bash asking Bachmann questions about her claims.

“You talked about the excesses that he’s engaged in, the fact that he has a dog walker, which is not true,” Bash said.

“The big point of my speech was about Benghazi,” Bachmann responded. “This was an absolute disaster.” Bachmann also snapped on Bash for bringing up the dog walker.

“But Congresswoman, you’re the one who brought it up!” Bash replied, to which Bachmann began to flee.

“What’s amazing about the quote is she tried to turn it against you as if, how dare you bring up a dog walker, something so petty when because of the horror of what happened in Benghazi,” Cooper said. “It takes a lot to make me speechless. I was speechless,” Bash said.

The video of Bachmann running away from Bash isn’t available to embedding, but you can watch it here.