Donald Trump Wishes Reporters ‘Merry Christmas’ After Rant At ‘Dirty Cops,’ ‘People Spying,’ ‘Terrible Things’

Tasos KatopodisGetty Images

Immediately after delivering his annual video Christmas message to members of the United States military, Donald Trump delivered a rant to reporters, as quoted by The Washington Post.

In his monologue, the president complained about his impeachment by the House of Representatives while complaining about “dirty cops,” attacking House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff as “sick” and “corrupt,” and claiming that he had been the victim of “terrible things, the likes of which had never been done before in our country.”

Trump also issued what could be seen as a veiled threat against the “dirty cops” who had done “terrible things,” in his view.

“What they’ve done to this country is incredible, and hopefully, it’s going to be taken care of,” Trump said, as quoted by The Washington Examiner.

As he completed the session with reporters, Trump rose from his chair and declared, “have a good time everybody, Merry Christmas,” according to the media accounts.

Per The Washington Post, Trump then departed for his golf course at his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he is spending a two-week holiday vacation. The trip would have marked his 231st visit to a golf course that he himself owns — on the 1,069th day of his presidency. That means that the president has visited one of his own courses on more than 20 percent of the time — or one of every five days — that he has spent in the nation’s highest office, according to the Trump Golf Count site.

The cost of Trump’s golf trips to his own resorts has now topped $118 million, all of which is covered by the American taxpayer. That total is now 296 times the annual presidential salary of about $400,000 — a salary which he claims to donate to charity.

The president’s latest angry reaction to the impeachment against him passed on Wednesday by the House of Representatives is believed to stem from what former aides and associates say is his deep sense of personal insecurity.

Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has described Trump as “insecure” when he compares himself to “statesmen” such as the late Senator John McCain, and Michigan rep John Dingell, who also died earlier this year.

But Trump has also repeatedly lashed out at Pelosi, and did so again on Tuesday, accusing her of “doing a tremendous disservice to the country,” according to the Washington Post report. He claimed that the California Democrat — who is also the only woman in history to serve as house speaker — “hates the Republican Party” and “hates all of the people who voted for me.”