'The Christian Post' Editor Quits Over Planned Pro-Donald Trump Editorial Attacking 'Christianity Today'

An editor at the conservative outlet The Christian Post abruptly resigned after the publication planned to align itself with Donald Trump by publishing a scathing editorial aimed at Christianity Today. According to The Washington Post, Napp Nazworth, a politics editor at The Christian Post, announced that he quit his job on Monday after he found out that the website was going to post a pro-Trump article attacking its fellow conservative outlet.

Christianity Today made waves last week when the evangelical publication ran a severely critical opinion piece that called the president unfit for office. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the magazine's article was "surprising" and many were shocked with the level at which the president was criticized, as it was a stark departure from the right-leaning magazine.

The piece was so controversial that over 17,000 people attempted to access the site at the same time, causing the website's servers to crash.

Christianity Today editor Mark Galli said he was hesitant to write and publish the article because he knew it would cause vitriol against him and the organization.

"People are going to say mean, nasty things and say how much they hate me or hate the magazine, and I don't like that," he said.

Trump himself attacked the publication, calling it "far-left" -- a charge that the editor called inaccurate.

A second prominent news outlet, the National Review, followed in Galli's footsteps, publishing an op-ed calling for Trump to be removed from office.

Now, it seems as though the editors at The Christian Post are looking to take the other side of the argument and publish a pro-Trump piece that would attack Christianity Today. Nazworth said the article went against his conscience. In the past, the outlet has tried to stay neutral, publishing pieces that were both supportive and critical of the president.

"I never got the gist they were gung-ho Trumpian types," Nazworth said. "Everything has escalated with the Christianity Today editorial."

He warned his bosses that if they published the piece, they were ostensibly siding with Trump.

"I said, if you post this, you're saying, you're now on team Trump," he recalled.

While the decision to part ways with The Christian Post was apparently mutual, Nazworth said that he felt "forced" to leave.

"I'm just shocked that they would go this path," he said.

Christianity Today president Timothy Dalrymple said that the magazine has lost subscribers in the wake of the scandal, but that they ultimately gained more new subscribers than they lost. He also says they've received an outpouring of support.

"We don't like to lose anyone," he said. "We need to stay in conversation with one another even when we disagree."