Eduardo Arevalo Accused Of Strangling His Sister Because She Was Pregnant And ‘Embarrassed’ The Family

The Texas man allegedly wrapped her face in duct tape because he was afraid she would come back to life.

a pregnant woman's abdomen
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The Texas man allegedly wrapped her face in duct tape because he was afraid she would come back to life.

A Texas man is accused of strangling his pregnant sister because she was an “embarrassment” to the family, the New York Post reports.

Eduardo Arevalo, 19, allegedly confessed to killing his 23-year-old sister, Viridiana Arevalo, believing that their family would be “better off” if she was gone.

According to the criminal complaint against Eduardo, the ongoing “family conflict” came to a head on December 16. The family apparently had a fight that day in their home in The Colony — a suburb of Dallas. Eduardo allegedly told police that — during that argument — he decided the family “would be better off that she wasn’t here.”

“Maybe it’s time to murder her,” he allegedly told police.

As the pregnant woman sat on a couch, Eduardo allegedly approached her from behind and strangled her. He then allegedly wrapped her head in duct tape because he was afraid she might come back to life.

He then reportedly drove the body in the back of his pickup truck and dumped it in a field about 40 miles from his family’s home. However, on Sunday he allegedly had a change of heart and went to retrieve the body in order to bring it closer to where the family lived, supposedly dumping his sister’s body in an alley closer to their home. He allegedly did this so the family would know where his sister was and would not think her missing.

Her body was found in that alley. Surveillance camera footage taken from the scene helped police identify Eduardo as a suspect in the murder.

“I murdered her, I murdered her,” he reportedly told police, adding that he had also faked a suicide note in order to make it look like Viridiana had taken her own life.

Diego Arevalo, Viridiana and Eduardo’s brother, said that his sister always wanted a sister of her own, though she never had one. So when she found out that she was pregnant with a girl, she was thrilled.

Diego also said that he doesn’t believe his brother is his sister’s murderer.

“I know my brother. He wouldn’t do something like this. He’s very kind, a very positive kind of guy, very motivated. He helped my family out, he helped my brothers, he even helped my sister out,” he said.

Eduardo has been charged with capital murder since his alleged victim was pregnant at the time. The Colony Police Department notes that further charges against him may be forthcoming.