WWE Rumors: Here’s Why The Revival Reportedly Got A Comedy Gimmick


As reported last week, it appears that former Raw, SmackDown, and NXT tag team champions The Revival are apparently in the process of switching over to a comedy gimmick. At the time of the original reports, it wasn’t clear why the duo of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder would be transitioning from their once-serious characters to more goofy ones, but the latest rumors suggest that it all boils down to their supposed reluctance to re-sign with WWE.

In a report published on Monday, WrestlingNews.co’s Paul Davis cited a source within WWE, noting that based on his conversation with the unnamed insider, The Revival is getting the comedy treatment because they haven’t signed new contracts with the promotion, contrary to what owner Vince McMahon was expecting.

“He wants to lock people in months before their contracts expire and if they don’t want to play ball then he’s going to push them as comedy guys,” the source was quoted as saying.

Per Davis, the insider went on to explain that The Revival’s preference for the old-school style of wrestling they grew up watching doesn’t mesh with what McMahon wants to see in his tag team wrestlers. They added that the WWE boss didn’t pay attention either to Dawson and Wilder’s work on NXT — hence the belief that he doesn’t “see anything special” in the two North Carolina natives.

“Even if they sign new contracts, yea they might get a nice push for a few months but he will get tired of them again and they will be in a similar spot as they are in now. Things would work out better for them if they were sent back to NXT.”

As noted, The Revival’s apparent transition to a comedy role began on the December 13 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, where Wilder tripped as he and Dawson were making their way to the ring. Although it initially seemed like a gaffe on Wilder’s part, WrestlingNews.co pointed out that the grappler appeared to deliberately trip himself. This was followed one week later by a loss to Heavy Machinery in a Christmas-themed street fight, which saw The Revival lose after Dawson was slammed into a bunch of Lego blocks, per Ringside News.

After The Revival returned to the ring after the defeat to cut a promo about their recent lack of success, the pair was further humiliated when Elias interrupted the segment to insult them through one of his songs.

As it seems, The Revival could be in for a massive payday if they re-sign with WWE before their contracts expire early next year. However, WrestlingNews.co speculated that Dawson and Wilder may be more inclined to sign with All Elite Wrestling instead, partly due to the rival company’s lighter schedule.