Kendall Gill Suspended After Physical Altercation With Fellow TV Analyst

Kendall Gill banned for altercation

Kendall Gill was suspended from his broadcasting duties after coming to blows with one of his colleagues in the Comcast SportsNet newsroom on Tuesday night.

Gill, who played for 15 years in the NBA and took up boxing after his career ended, confronted Big Ten Network analyst Tim Doyle and threw a punch at the former Northwestern star.

Gill was extremely upset that Doyle criticized his opinion on the air regarding a controversial play at the end of the Chicago Bulls’ last-second overtime loss to the Denver Nuggets on Monday.

Joakim Noah appeared to have tipped in the game-winning basket with less than two seconds remaining in overtime but the referees waived it off because of offensive basket interference.

Chicago’s players and coaches were incensed and Gill opined after the game that it was a terrible call on the referees’ part, which Doyle disagreed with on the show Sports Talk Live.

The 44 year old approached Doyle in the newsroom after the taping and a shoving match ensued. Gill then threw a punch at his colleague before the two men were separated.

“We’re looking further into the incident that took place in our newsroom earlier today,” CSN news director Kevin Cross said on Tuesday evening. “Until the investigation is complete, Kendall Gill will not be appeared on our air.”

Gill was born in Chicago and went on to star at the University of Illinois where he was named a first-team All American in his senior season. He was drafted fifth overall in the 1990 NBA draft by the Charlotte Hornets and made the All-Rookie team in his first pro season.

Kendall Gill’s suspension will last until more details are uncovered in the following days and could miss the pre-game and post-game broadcasts for Chicago’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday night.