‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Detail That Next New Episode Fills In Gaps From Early Christmas Show

Jane Elliot returns to 'General Hospital' as Tracy Quartermaine
Valerie Durant / ABC

Today’s episode of General Hospital prompted a few questions and a bit of confusion for viewers, but spoilers indicate that some answers will be provided later this week. The show was a Christmas-themed episode that focused on Finn becoming Ebenezer Scrooge of A Christmas Carol. However, a few present-day tidbits were incorporated, which seemed to be out of context.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, it had been detailed that episodes might air slightly out of order this week. Indeed, that appears to be what has happened.

Today’s episode had been promoted as the one that would air specifically on December 23. Ultimately, ABC decided to stick with that plan despite an episode being bumped last week due to the televised impeachment hearings.

It looks like the new episode set to air on Thursday of this week is what viewers should have seen before what aired on Monday. There are no new episodes airing on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

Probably the biggest bit of confusion with Monday’s show came with Tracy being at General Hospital, but nobody seemed shocked to see her. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Thursday’s episode is where everybody in Port Charles will initially see Tracy return.

No need to worry; Tracy will always be Tracy. ???????? #FarewellTracy #GH pic.twitter.com/pCdsA0MCoO

— General Hospital (@GeneralHospital) April 28, 2017

The other area that may have generated some confusion in today’s show came with Willow. Viewers saw during last Friday’s show that she was with “Wiley” at General Hospital and Nelle happened to run into them.

Fans are bracing themselves for an interesting conversation here as the baby swap saga drags on. Rather than see what came next as these two women ran into one another, people saw Willow happily hanging out with Chase in the background at GH.

General Hospital spoilers share that Thursday’s episode will bring the conversation between Nelle and Willow. Considering how mellow Willow appeared to be during the early Christmas episode, it seems safe to say that Nelle doesn’t say or do anything terribly disruptive when she sees Willow holding “Wiley.”

Thursday’s episode will show Violet asking if her mommy Hayden will be back for Christmas, a tough question for Finn to answer. This question probably was a big part of why he was in such a sour mood during today’s show, the mood that sparked the Scrooge scenario.

In addition, viewers will see Mike struggling to make sense of his life. His Alzheimer’s has been causing a significant decline in his mental health and General Hospital spoilers share that this is going to lead to an intense, heartbreaking moment during Thursday’s show.

It looks as if Carly and Sonny will try to spend time with Mike, but he’ll end up quite agitated. He’ll be upset that someone has taken his wife, which probably refers to Yvonne. This will surely be tough for Sonny to see.

SheKnows Soaps details that Julian will lose his cool later this week, probably over Lucas’ condition. The sneak peek for Thursday shows that he’ll run into Brook Lynn and General Hospital spoilers indicate that they’ll end up bonding and sharing a nice conversation.

It’s unfortunate that recent schedule shifts led to a couple of episodes being shown out of order this week. The week of December 30 will be a bit unusual in terms of the holiday and less than a full week of new shows too, but General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be intense and worth waiting for once the holidays are over.