Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says United States Is ‘Not An Advanced Society’

Yana PaskovaGetty Images

Progressive firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently spoke out against the current direction of United States society while campaigning with Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. Speaking in Los Angeles Saturday, the New York City representative suggested that creating a “loving society” in the U.S. is not an “irrational, overly feeling, sympathetic statement,” Breitbart reports.

Ocasio-Cortez said that such a goal is necessary to achieve an “advanced society” before taking aim at the current state of the country.

“What we are living in now is not an advanced society,” she said, adding that President Donald Trump is pushing the country toward fascism.

The 30-year-old congresswoman also addressed Sanders’ campaign, suggesting that his “movement” puts the interests of the working class above society’s elites.

“We can’t go back to the way things were before, because the way thing were before is how we got to where we are now. We cannot go back to a world where the rich are put first and working people are put last in Washington day in and day out.”

Ocasio-Cortez also appeared to take a jab at Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who has come under fire for representing corporate interests and controversially hosting a big-money fundraiser at a wine cave.

“I go into work all the time and I hear people saying, ‘What will my donors think?'” she said, seemingly claiming that some members of Congress are tied to billionaire donors and noting that she is not.

Ocasio-Cortez has drawn a great deal of support and attention for her outspoken views and focus on fighting for working-class Americans. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the former waitress outperformed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with her third-quarter donations, raising a total of $1.4 million, with the majority coming from contributions under $200. The impressive haul puts Ocasio-Cortez ahead of not just Pelosi’s $1.26 million but all of her Democrat colleagues in the House of Representatives.

According to the freshman congresswoman, who does not take money from large PACs or special interest groups, she built her campaign to rely on small-donor support because she believes it’s the “best way” to remain accountable to the “everyday people” she represents.

Ocasio-Cortez claims that her campaign model has had a positive impact on the way that she operates in Congress. She also took aim at the influence of money on lawmakers, claiming that it prevents lawmakers from spending the time they should on lawmaking and providing an opening for special interest groups to exert their influence.