Jean-Claude Van Damme Wants To Be In ‘Avengers 2’


Jean-Claude Van Damme, “The Muscles from Brussels,” wants in on Marvel’s The Avengers 2.

Van Damme might be on track for something of a comeback, what with starring roles in The Expendables 2 and possibly Expendables 3 (playing Claude Vilain, the brother of deceased E2 antagonist Jean Vilain). Still, Van Damme is notably behind the comeback track of fellow 80s action icons Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. So what can he do to resurrect his own anemic film career?

How about a starring role in Marvel Studios’ The Avengers 2?

At this point, we know next to nothing about The Avengers 2, except that the original cast is expected to reprise their roles, Joss Whedon will return to direct, and that it will be released in 2015.

Currently, Whedon has completed an outline for the film, and said that the script should be done soon. No casting has been announced, and we have no idea who the villain will be. You can imagine that the cast will expand in some way, whether that means new superheroes added to the core team, or a group of new villains for them to face. All Van Damme knows is that he wants a part.

On his official Facebook page, Jean-Claude Van Damme said that he had met Stan Lee in the 90s, and that Chris Hemsworth (Thor) would like to see Van Damme in the sequel. He doesn’t say who he’d like to play, but mentions that he’s a big fan of the Silver Surfer.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

“I read that Chris Hemsworth (star of ‘Thor’ and brother of Liam Hemsworth, ‘The Expendables 2’) would like me to costar in ‘The Avengers 2’ movie! Well, it would be fun to play one of these types of amazing comic book characters again. By the way, I am a big fan of Marvel’s superhero Silver Surfer and also another heroic fictional character known as Doc Savage – the Man of Bronze!”

Zero not-so-subtle casting suggestions to be had there. And we don’t know where he read that about Hemsworth, but we’ll give it to him.

Seems unlikely at this point that Van Damme would snag a role in Avengers 2, but what the heck? Who do you think he could play? The Avengers 2 will be released on May 1, 2015.

[Image via: Featureflash /, Jean-Claude Van Damme Facebook]