Donny Osmond Shows Fans How He Broke The Rules In Hilarious ‘Andy Williams Christmas Show’ Throwback

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Donny Osmond recently shared a hilarious holiday throwback with his fans. Over the weekend, the 62-year-old singer posted a vintage clip from The Andy Williams Christmas Special, one wherein his singing siblings teamed up with the Williams brothers to sing the classic song “The Holiday Season (Happy Holidays).” But in the caption of the post, Donny pointed out all of the things he messed up during the performance — as well as the one thing he nailed.

Donny posted the clip from the 1960s to Facebook and Instagram. The video shows the Osmond brothers — Donny, Jay, Wayne, Merrill, and Alan — dressed in red Christmas sweaters, white pants, and white turtlenecks as they traded lyrics of the classic holiday tune with the other singers.

In the caption of the post, Donny noted that watching old videos like this used to make him cringe, but now he just thinks it’s funny. He then gave a hilarious point-by-point account of all the mistakes he made during the choreographed performance of Williams’ signature song.

The “Puppy Love” singer noted that he didn’t sit the same way as his older brothers in one segment, and also that he didn’t look at the cameras when he was supposed to in another. But the one thing he got right was the close-up scene, where he stared right into the lens — as he was directed to do — something the rest of his brothers missed.

“I guess I just didn’t rehearse enough,” Donny wrote. “But I sure rehearsed that close up.”

On Instagram, fans hit the comments section to react to “baby” Donny’s epic holiday throwback from decades ago.

“Oh my gosh what a cutie you were,” one fan wrote. “No wonder I had such a crush on you!”

“Come on Donny, that was so good!! You guys all did amazing!!!” another added.

“You did ‘own your close up’ … great job!” a third fan told the singer.

“Aww. Don’t be so hard on sweet little Donny,” a fourth remarked of the hilarious clip.

Donny loves to share throwbacks with his fans. The Andy Williams Christmas Special post comes just a few weeks after the Osmond brother shared a vintage photo of himself singing a Broadway tune while standing atop a giant turkey at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, back in 1981.

According to Donny’s IMDb page, the Osmond brothers appeared on The Andy Williams Christmas Special in 1967, 1968, and 1971. The singers also regularly appeared on The Andy Williams Show, where they got their start in 1962.