'General Hospital' Fans Predict That Kim Nero Will Return To Port Charles With Franco's Baby

Tamara Braun exited the role of Dr. Kim Nero on General Hospital in November after a controversial storyline involving Drew Cain and Franco Baldwin. Franco was given Drew's memories and that caused all sorts of trouble not only for Kim but for Elizabeth and her boys as well. Last week, Franco came back and has been catching up on all that's happened since the memory transfer. He was just told by his wife about Drew and Kim sleeping together and he is expected to be quite upset by that.

Soap Central indicates that Liz will have empathy this upcoming week. That appears to be all about Franco's plight of learning that he was unfaithful to his wife, despite not knowing what he did. He has no memory of it, but Drew was the one who was in charge of his body at the time. General Hospital fans are now predicting that Kim will eventually make her way back to Port Charles either pregnant with Franco's baby or will later on return with his child.

Kim begged for a baby for a while. She tried to drug the real Drew after Julian refused her. Fans are convinced that Kim raped Franco. Even though he consented to sleep with her, it wasn't Franco but Drew who did, and that hasn't been accepted among many viewers. It seems almost predictable that Kim will end up pregnant and fans are bracing themselves for it.

"They needed to prepare Franco for the possibility that some form of very pregnant Kim can arrive with Oscar II at any point. He can be SORASed to play with Violet," one social media user said.

"Now is the perfect time for Kim to come back pregnant," another fan said.

Having Kim back carrying Franco's baby would certainly put a kink into the future happiness of this fan-favorite couple. Liz would probably stand by her man because she knows exactly what happened and that it wasn't his fault at all.

Last week on General Hospital, Franco was also told that the real Drew is presumed dead in a plane crash. His body hasn't been found, which would open it up for him to return from the dead, but for now, Franco will be dealing with his loss. It's all a lot to take in for him since he lost his own memories. It looks like he and Liz may still have a few obstacles to overcome, especially if Kim shows up in the near future.