Yovanna Ventura Rocks Shimmery Bra Over A Top On Instagram

Brian AchGetty Images

Yovanna Ventura shared a new Instagram update a day ago. She was seen rocking a shimmery bra in an unconventional way.

The model stood against a half-wall in the eye-catching look. She wore an orange, long-sleeved turtleneck shirt. On top of that, she sported a strappy piece of lingerie. The bra was made of shiny fabric and had straps that crisscrossed on her chest and cinched her waist. They all featured large buckle accents.

But that wasn’t all, as Yovanna also wore a pair of high-waisted, leather pants. These had lace-up accents that extended to the waistline. In addition, two silver zippers could be seen on her hips. The stunner completed her look with a pair of dark boots.

She was seen smiling with her lips closed in the shot. She sported her hair down in a middle part, with her locks brushed behind her shoulders. Her eyes popped thanks to her light eyeshadow beneath her brows.

The bombshell leaned onto the railing while bending her elbows. Behind her was a brightly-lit scene as a full-on festival raged on.

The model was seen at the MDL Beast Festival, which is taking place in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh.

Unfortunately, ties between Instagram models and the country have been previously criticized, according to Fox News. The reason is due to the prior murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. His former editor, Karen Attiah, bashed Glamour UK for promoting the event, along with models and other influencers.

This didn’t escape the attention of the following fan.

“In a country where religion comes first and women are oppressed and alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited, the government allows a festival to be held,” they wrote.

But others were more distracted by the stunner’s unique look.

“Ooooh baby you look absolutely amazing!!” gushed a follower.

“You make my heart melt. I’m in love,” declared an admirer.

“Im so happy you come here and visit us wooow,” raved a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, the bombshell was spotted in another leather ensemble earlier this month. This time, it was a jumpsuit. She was seen posing from the driver’s seat of her car. She swung the door open and revealed her look. It had lapels and long sleeves, with the front buttoning up. Yovanna let her bra show through the open top, as she sported a high bun for the flirty shot. She accessorized with dangle earrings and a gold charm necklace.