WWE News: Suspended Superstar Says He Didn't Violate Wellness Policy

Eddie "Primo" Colon and Bobby Roode are currently suspended for violating WWE's wellness policy, but the former claims that he never failed a drug test -- he just didn't take one.

During an interview with Primera Hora in Puerto Rico, Primo explained what happened. As translated by Pro Wrestling Sheet, the absent WWE superstar claimed that flying to the United States to take the test would have been a waste of money.

"I was not on the road, I was not scheduled for any event in the near future. I am in Puerto Rico when they call me suddenly, not to use me, but to travel to do a doping test. I was ready to do it, but I told them that I was in Puerto Rico and that I was willing to go to a place that they chose to test me without any problem, without any discomfort. I was not going to pay for a trip to just get tested for doping."
According to the superstar, he didn't hear back from the company but assumed that they would call him when they figured a location for him to submit a sample. However, he heard nothing back for another two months, which was when the company announced that he was suspended.

Primo added that the test would have tested false, and he revealed that he cares more about his reputation than receiving a paycheck.

He also noted that his contract expires in 2020 and stated that WWE has every right to use him at events should the company decide to. He also revealed that the company must continue paying him, even if they decide not to use him between now and then.

Primo is also in a rare position where WWE is allowing him to work for another promotion. He currently competes for the World Wrestling Council company in Puerto Rico, which is owned by his father Carlos Colon. WWE giving him permission to ply his trade elsewhere suggests that he is no longer part of the company's plans moving forward.

Along with his tag team partner Epico, Primo has enjoyed WWE Tag Team Championship success in the past. However, the pair have rarely featured on television at all in recent years, and judging by Primo's latest interview, they aren't being called up to compete at house shows either. It's surely only a matter of time before both performers are released.