Donald Trump Admin Attacks Barack Obama For George Bush's Lightbulb Law And Twitter Is Shook

Back in 2007, former President George Bush signed a law limiting the type of lightbulbs consumers could buy in order to improve energy efficiency in the United States. However, on Saturday, The White House attacked former President Barack Obama for the law while touting the decision to roll back the law.

"If you like your lightbulbs, you can keep your lightbulbs! The Obama Admin tried to limit Americans to buying more-expensive LED bulbs for their homes—but thanks to President @realDonaldTrump, go ahead and decorate your house with whatever lights you want," the White House wrote.

While the law was implemented during the Obama administration, it was created and signed into law under Bush. As NBC News reported in September. The rule was meant to improve energy efficiency in the U.S. and to phase out incandescent and halogen bulbs, both of which require a higher amount of energy to run than LED bulbs.

Under Trump, the energy department rolled back part of the rule, which was set to become law at the beginning of the new year, and would expend which bulbs would fall under the ban. The law would have impacted about 6 billion bulbs in the U.S.

Environmental groups criticized the decision, saying that it would be a loss for both consumers and for the environment, as consumers' utility bills would go up, as would greenhouse gasses.

Twitter users had their own critique of the rollback. Some joked that Trump should remove regulation on lead paint and asbestos. Another user pointed out that the law was a Bush-era one, that incandescents now cost more than LED lights, and that refusing to enact the law did not help consumers or the environment.

Others took the humorous approach, saying that the war on lightbulbs was finally over. Others referenced Trump's recent comments that environmentally friendly lightbulbs made him look orange.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the president said that the more efficient bulbs weren't as flattering.

"It doesn't make you look as good," said Trump. "Being a vain person, that's very important to me."

"It gives you an orange look, I don't want an orange look," he concluded.

Some users suggested that Trump was rolling back the bulb regulation to improve his appearance.

"I'm too busy flushing my toilet and scrubbing dishes by hand to think about decorating my house with new light bulbs. I will just have to enjoy my LEDs," joked one person.