AEW News: The Young Bucks' Father Reveals Why They Quit Twitter

Earlier this week, AEW executive vice presidents Matt and Nick Jackson -- known collectively as The Young Bucks -- deleted their Twitter accounts out of the blue. However, fans who were wondering what motivated their decision can rest assured knowing that the siblings are fine, as their father, Matthew Lee Massie, took to his own Twitter and provided an update.

"Thx for all the love We are getting from everyone wondering about Matt and Nick! They are fine and just need a well deserved break from the toxicity on here! They are the most sweetest most genuine guys ever! They don't deserve the hate they get! Love u all," Massie tweeted.

Massie also revealed that the family encouraged the brothers to take a break from the social media platform, simply to clear their minds given how hostile some online commenters can be.

"We suggested a hiatus to clear their minds! They give 110% of their blood sweat and tears! To the point of pure exhaustion they've got nothing else to give! Haters gonna hate and always gonna find something!"

As noted by Wrestling Inc, one follower noted that the ire toward the tag team came from "keyboard warrior" NXT fans. Massie agreed with that sentiment, so it appears that the Wednesday night ratings war between AEW Dynamite and NXT has bled over into each company's respective fan bases as well.

The Young Bucks have also commented on the rivalry with NXT. As noted by Ringside News, they told Chris Van Vliet that they think WWE officials "hate them." While the comments were supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, some fans do believe that both companies are at war with each other.

Of course, anyone in the public eye is more likely to attract attention from social media users, which leaves them more susceptible to attacks from trolls. Massie gave no indication as to when his sons will return to Twitter, but the barrage of abuse they've received might have encouraged them to go an indefinite hiatus.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the humiliating botched punch segment on the latest episode of Dynamite that went viral could also have influenced their decision to go offline. Even though the Bucks weren't responsible for the botch, their executive positions in the company means that they'll have to deal with the repercussions.

The AEW roster is taking time off for the holiday season, and hopefully Matt and Nick will return to Twitter just in time for the new season of Dynamite kicking off.