Anna Katharina Stuns In A Gray Bikini As She Reads Stephen King

Anna Katharina was pictured doing a little light reading in her latest bikini snapshots. On Sunday, the blond bombshell took to Instagram to share two photos of the bathing suit that she wore while enjoying her relaxing seaside activity.

For her sizzling photo shoot with photographer Marc Colcer, Anna rocked a dark gray bikini. The sleek and stylish two-piece featured triangle cups that could barely contain Anna's ample cleavage. Her top had stretchy spaghetti straps and matching sides. However, her swimsuit did not have any ties.

The thin straps of Anna's bottoms stretched up high on her well-formed hips. The garment scooped down low in the front to expose the swimsuit model's sculpted lower stomach.

Anna's makeup application included dark brown eye shadow, generous layers of mascara on her full lashes, and winged eyeliner. Her lip color was a dark matte nude, and she was sporting a bold, dark brow. Her layered, sandy blond hair was parted to the side and styled in soft waves.

In the first of her two photos, Anna was pictured sitting on a white wire deck chair. She had her peachy derriere positioned near the front of the slatted seat and was leaning back to provide a clear view of her long, lean torso. The model's shapely thighs were also visible in the picture.

Anna was holding a book, but she was looking at the camera instead of reading it. In her second snapshot, Anna was pictured staring straight in front of her. The location of her photo shoot was a wooden deck overlooking the ocean. Choppy, azure waves were visible in the background of her stunning snapshots.

In the caption of her post, Anna revealed that the book she was pictured reading was a Stephen King novel.

One of Anna's Instagram followers responded to her post by asking her which King book she was reading, and she revealed that it was The Outsider. However, most of the model's 1.1 million followers didn't seem to care all that much about her choice of reading material.

"Wow, you look beautiful Damn. Those eyes are like pearls," wrote one fan.

"You can Definitely ROCK a Swimsuit," another wrote.

Anna also answered a question about whether her images were digitally altered.

"Do they photoshop your butt from going through the little chair lines on the bottom?" read one response to her post. "Please for my sanity, please, say they do and that your butt isn't just firm enough that when you get up from sitting here you don't have 15 indent lines living on your back side for the next 20 minutes."

Anna revealed that her picture wasn't digitally altered. However, she quipped that her backside appearing tight enough not to squeeze through the chair's wire slats "must be some sort of Xmas miracle."

Anna often entertains her fans with witty remarks about her bikini photos. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she joked that the location of one of her recent shoots looked like a prison cell.