WWE News: Huge Segment For Final 'Monday Night Raw' Of The Year

The love triangle storyline between Lana, Bobby Lashley, and Rusev has experienced its fair share of drama -- both inside and out of the ring -- in recent months. However, the romantic angle will continue to deliver soap opera entertainment on the next episode of Monday Night Raw -- which is set to take place on December 30 -- as WWE has announced that Lana and Lashley will tie the knot.

The news comes after their engagement on last week's episode of WWE's flagship show. The plan is to officially wed the couple before 2019 is over, though it's highly likely that the ceremony will be interrupted as wrestling weddings rarely ever go ahead without interference from vengeful superstars.

For now, however, the parties involved are excited about the event. Lashley took to Twitter to celebrate the news and even extended an invitation to Lana's ex-husband Rusev, whom she recently got divorced from on a recent episode of the show.

"You're all cordially invited to attend our wedding Monday, December 30! No better way to close out the year than watching us say "I do"... @RusevBUL. I'll save you a seat!"
The storyline has polarized the WWE Universe since it started, but the audience hasn't been able to look away either. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Vince McMahon is supposedly happy with the social media views of the segments, and the boss also believes that it's entertaining viewers in the same way that a "car wreck" would.

Since Lana and Lashley went public with their storyline affair, they have proceeded to emasculate and humiliate Rusev on Monday Night Raw. Lana falsely claimed that she was pregnant with his baby just so that Lashley could sneak up behind her ex-husband and deliver a low blow.

Despite the silly nature of the storyline, however, some fans have taken their umbrage with it to extreme lengths. As The Inquisitr previously documented, Lana revealed that she and Lashley have received death threats because of the angle, which resulted in them having to cooperate with the authorities.

The controversial aspect of the storyline pertains to the fact that Rusev and Lana are a real-life couple. Some pundits believe that this is WWE's way of trying to humiliate Rusev because he hasn't signed a new deal with the company yet, and officials fear that he could become a bigger star elsewhere.

However, the superstar has been a central component of WWE television as a result of the angle and is arguably more popular than he's ever been. In no way has he been buried, even though he's taken part in some segments that haven't been acclaimed among the WWE Universe.