Georgia Fowler Rocks Dark Lingerie In Vintage-Inspired Photo shoot

Georgia Fowler shared a new Instagram update today with her followers. It is comprised of two black-and-white photos in which she was seen rocking dark lingerie during a vintage-inspired photo shoot.

The first photo showed her wearing just lingerie, while the second image showed her in a dress. The captions revealed that these were taken for L'Officiel Italia Magazine.

The lingerie pic showed Georgia mid-stride, as she extended her left leg behind her. She glanced to her right and wore her hair down in a voluminous look. There were dramatic curls throughout. One bra strap fell down her arm, and her bottoms were high-waisted. She wore strappy heels and held the dress in her left hand.

The stunner was seen in a dimly lit hallway. The photo was taken from a low vantage point.

The next picture showed Georgia in the dress. It had an off-the-shoulder v-neckline. The sleeves were baggy, and the skirt reached past her knees. She crossed her arms in front of her and gave a soft smile while looking into the distance. She appeared to be mid-stride yet again in the same spot as before, and she stood with her right foot in front.

Fans gushed about the update in the comments section.

"Yes girl! Loving every bit of this shoot!" exclaimed a follower.

"This is my new phone background," noted an admirer.

"Oh... My God... A goddess!!!" raved a fan.

"Georgia... I love your hair," said a fourth Instagram user.

The bombshell was featured in the November edition of the magazine. The photographer was Vincent Peters and the stylist was Liz Cresci, according to Iconic Management. The hairstylist was Serge Normani and the makeup artist was Virginia Young.

The photos that Georgia shared were not of the cover. The cover image was of the Victoria's Secret model wearing a bodysuit with an androgynous haircut. She stood in a bedroom with a vintage TV set on a dresser. She crossed her arms in front of her and smiled slightly while looking into the distance.

But that's not all, as Georgia shared another update four days ago that showed her on another magazine cover. This time, she stood at the beach alongside four other women for Harper's Bazaar Australia. She wore a simple black bikini, and glanced at the camera with a fierce expression on her face. She placed her left hand on her arm, and accessorized with earrings, a bracelet, and a ring. The purpose of the issue was to celebrate "Australian beauty."