Bella Thorne Wears A Leopard-Print Bikini & Strikes The Bambi Pose

Bella Thorne continued to share new photos from her Dominican Republic getaway with her Instagram fans today. This time, she was spotted in a leopard-print bikini as she struck the Bambi pose.

There were three photos in total, and they all showed Bella in the middle of undoing her ponytail. The images were fairly similar to one another, as she sat perched on the edge of a lounge chair. The seating was white with a large pillow to her right, and the tropical paradise was visible in the background. In addition to palm trees and bright green foliage, the ocean could be seen in the distance. Plus, the photos were taken on a sunny day, with Bella being drenched in light.

The first photo showed the stunner with her hands in her hair and her locks bunched on the top of her head. Her bright blond-orange highlights shone in the sunlight, as Bella glanced at the camera with a small pout on her face. Her bikini had a classic cut, although her straps were embellished with large beads.

The second photo showed her holding most of her hair in place, as she looked down to her left. It didn't appear that she was wearing any makeup.

The final shot showed her leaning forward and tilting her head to the right. Her hair cascaded down the right side of her body, as Bella held her hands out.

Fans had lots to say about the actress' good looks in the comments section.

"Gorgeous seriously so stunning I wish my body looked like yours," raved an admirer.

"Bella u look so sexy in these three pics," declared a follower.

"Wow it's unbelievable how amazing you are," wrote a fan.

"Look at you out there where it's warm out there and I'm here in chilly Michigan................oh well," noted a fourth Instagram user.

The caption also suggested that Bella might be spending Christmas in Punta Cana, so fans can hope for more bikini pics in the coming days.

Three days ago, the bombshell shared another update from the Dominican Republic. She wore a blue swimsuit and hugged a palm tree. In addition, Bella sported a long-sleeved white shirt and matching pants, although her shirt blew in the wind and revealed her toned bod underneath. She smiled widely for the photo and wore her hair down as it billowed behind her. The photo seemed to have been taken during the golden hour, as she was bathed in a flattering glow.