Instagram Model Natalie Gauvreau Drapes Christmas Lights Over Her Naked Body

Natalie Gauvreau ditched her clothes in favor of Christmas lights on her most recent Instagram share. The Toronto-based model left very little to the imagination as she nearly bared all in a racy NSFW snap.

Natalie is one of the raunchier Instagram models and is not afraid of nudity. But she certainly tested the boundaries when she decided to reveal nearly all in the sexy snap which has lit up social media, so to speak.

Evidently, Natalie found another place to drape her Christmas lights, and it wasn't on a tree or windowsill. Natalie wound a string of twinkling lights around her neck and let her naked body do the glowing in a dimly lit room.

The blond bombshell also let her mane cascade down her one breast, while the other nipple was shielded by a sparkling light. Natalie seemed unfazed and sure of herself as she stared seductively into the lens of the camera.

Natalie, also known as "Sexy Nat G," flaunted all her curves by jutting out her chest and strategically placing her arm so that her nether regions were covered. The soft lights illuminated her softly made-up face. Natalie wore a nude lip, brown eyeshadow, mascara, and black eyeliner.

The stunner made a tongue-in-cheek comment and asked her fans if this was how Christmas lights worked. Of course, her followers needed no encouragement, and comments started to stream in. Natalie has a large fanbase of 4.2 million people on Instagram alone. She has years of experience as an influencer and understands how to attract and keep her audience. This image alone proves that she knows what piques her fans' interest.

This particular snap has already racked up close to 170,000 views. Tons of fans have liked the photo, and many have posted heart, fire, or some other emoji in response to the image. Some of Natalie's fans also thanked the model for the pic and shared their own thoughts about her near-nude offering.

One fan found her post funny and opined, "Lol you're always so adorable..."

But this also seemed to be the only person who managed to see the humor in the pic. The majority of Natalie's fans were rather hot and bothered by the snap.

"Love to see you around my Christmas tree. Spectacular breathtaking body," another fan complimented Natalie's physique.

One follower hit the nail on the head when he said, "Concept is electric & you're glowing like a moon."