White House Adviser Stephen Miller Says Donald Trump Is The 'Anti-Racist President'

Embattled White House adviser Stephen Miller is striking back against accusations that he is a white supremacist, saying that critics are actually projecting their own racism on to him and that Donald Trump is "the anti-racist president."

As Rolling Stone noted, Miller has been under fire since leaked emails showed that he was pushing articles from white nationalist publications. The former Breitbart editor who released the emails accused Miller of being a white supremacist, saying she felt compelled to come forward with evidence of it.

Miller has been the target of attacks from politicians since then, with many calling on the White House to fire him. Miller had already been embroiled in controversy for his reported role in the the Trump administration's crackdowns on immigration, both legal and illegal.

But Miller is defending himself against the charges, saying in an appearance on Fox Business this week that those in the Democratic Party are the ones who "traffic in lies, hatred, and yes, racism." Miller, who is reported to have spearheaded the Trump administration policy to separate immigrant children from their parents and place them in detention centers, said it is actually Democrats who do this.

"[Democrats] divide people by race. They divide people by color," he said. "They try to separate. They try to pull people away from one another."

Miller was equally defensive of Donald Trump, who has faced his own accusations of racism for decades. Miller claimed that Trump was actually the "anti-racist president." Trump has a history of making racially charged statements, and like Miller has in the past, shared misleading or false information about minority groups.

Despite the calls for his firing, Miller is reportedly not facing any discipline from the White House after the controversial leaked emails. The White House fought back after the emails were released by the Southern Poverty Law Center, with White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham attacking the organization as "far-left" and trying to smear those on the right, while not actually addressing the content of the emails.

Miller has also remained in Trump's inner circle, traveling on Air Force One with the president in the days after the emails were released.

Another report from The Daily Beast said that those within the White House don't expect Trump to make any changes regarding the senior adviser.

"Stephen is not going anywhere," a senior White House official told the outlet. "The president has his back."