Carnival Cruises Cancelled, Travelers Fuming On Facebook And Twitter

carnival cruises cancelled

After last month’s Triumph disaster, more Carnival cruises are now cancelled in order to prevent further on-board disasters as the company’s fleet is assessed and bolstered.

The Carnival cruises cancelled were confirmed on Twitter and Facebook to the consternation of some vacationers. Yesterday afternoon, the bad-PR plagued cruise company tweeted news of additional cancelled cruises, an announcement met with frustration from some who had still planned to vacation with the line.

In response to the news of more Carnival cruises cancelled, one user complained: “At what point were you going to individually let passengers know. I find out on FB? This is the 2nd Cruise you cancelled!”

Another said that the Carnival cruises cancelled caused financial headaches for guests, responding: “Just spoke to you people Friday! Finished paying for our stay, and now this! You have my money tied up for 3 weeks!”

Others were frustrated at losing valuable vacation time already allotted to canceled Carnival cruises: “We book our trip way in advance, get the time off work [and three] weeks [before] we fly [halfway] across the world we get cancelled.”

Originally, Carnival Cruise Lines’ official Twitter account had simply tweeted to followers:

It is not clear how individual travelers were notified of the cancelled Carnival cruises. Over on Facebook, the statement made to travelers announced a “multi-week dry dock to complete a comprehensive full-ship makeover” and said booked guests “will receive a full refund, plus reimbursement for any non-refundable travel costs” as well as “a 25 percent discount on a future cruise.”

Gerry Cahill, Carnival Cruise Lines’ president and CEO said:

“We sincerely regret canceling these cruises and disrupting our guests’ vacation plans. We are fully committed to applying the recommendations stemming from our fleetwide review and to make whatever investments are needed despite the difficult decision to impact people’s vacations.”