WWE News: Kane Opens Up The Undertaker Breaking Character, Discusses Pros And Cons Of Social Media

WWE legend and current mayor of Knox County, Kane, recently appeared on the After the Bell podcast with Corey Graves. As quoted about Ringside News, he was asked about how social media has affected the wrestling business, and while the future Hall of Famer did praise the platforms for making connecting with fans much easier, he does have some issues with it.

"I have mixed feelings about it. I think, overall, it's good when we look at things like social media. On the one hand, you have the days where everything was very protected and there were certain advantages to that because part of the allure of the WWE business is the fact that we're out there throwing twists and turns and trying to keep people guessing as to what's coming back and I think that we've taken some of the pleasure and enjoyment out of the business by people getting so enamored with the business side of things."
Kane also opened up about his thoughts on The Undertaker appearing on the Broken Skull Sessions show with Steve Austin on the WWE Network. He noted how "The Phenom" protecting his character for so long has allowed fans to believe in his fictional persona, but he did find it refreshing to see the Undertaker finally give an interview as Mark Calaway.
The interview saw the WWE legend peel back the curtain and discuss his career, sharing numerous stories about backstage incidents and life on the road. Kane believes that the Undertaker has better knowledge than everyone else, and he hopes that people look at his own character in a similar way.

Kane hasn't been seen on WWE television since he took a Mandible Claw from Bray Wyatt on an episode of Monday Night Raw earlier this year. He has been focusing more on politics for the most part these days, which he states wrestling helped prepare him for. He has also claimed that Vince McMahon fully supports his new role as a mayor and the boss believes that his increased exposure outside of the company will help WWE in the long run.

Kane and the Undertaker are brothers in WWE storylines, and they've been enemies and partners throughout the years. "The Big Red Machine" told TV Insider that he wants to team with his demonic sibling for his final match, but he hasn't made any concrete plans to hang up his boots quite yet.