Cosplay Model Liz Katz Wiggles Booty In Tiny Black Top And Christmas-Themed Lounging Pants

On Saturday, cosplay model Liz Katz was back with yet another Instagram update, entertaining her 1 million-plus fans with a video that almost exclusively featured her shaking her rear end in what she described as her "holiday tradition."

Based on the fireplace and Christmas stocking in the background, it appeared that the video was shot at Liz's home, as she chose to stay true to the season by wearing a Santa hat, a Christmas-themed pair of red, green, and white Mickey Mouse pants, black boots, and a minuscule black crop top. The cosplay model's pose in the first second of the video allowed her to showcase a fair bit of underboob, as well as her toned, flat midsection.

The rest of the 65-second video, however, was all about the cosplayer's derriere, as she spent slightly over a minute wiggling it up and down in various ways with her back to the camera. Her facial expression, which was visible as she looked over her shoulder multiple times during the clip, suggested that her so-called tradition was serious business, silly as it may have seemed to many viewers.

In the eight hours since the video was posted, it has received more than 165,000 views and over 46,000 likes from Liz's followers. Almost 700 fans also took to the comments section to show some love for the 31-year-old cosplayer and her unusual Christmas ritual, mostly discussing various aspects of the clip or simply declaring their admiration for her with words and/or emoji.

"Is this a female version of the pec twitch?" asked one Instagram user, comparing Liz's moves to the pectoral "dances" frequently done by male bodybuilders.

"[Hands-raised emoji] i don't know how you kept a straight face the whole time," a second follower wondered.

"Mickey mouse lounging pants!" said a third fan, complementing Liz's outfit.

"I've done some silly seeming things but never dressed as festive as you are in this. Pretty sure I never looked that good either."
"Your shenanigans and weirdness brings great warmth to this empty heart. Thank you," gushed a fourth admirer.

Just one day prior to the new clip, Liz had shared another pre-Christmas update for her fans, posting a photo of herself where she was standing in front of a mirror and wearing nothing more than a lacy purple push-up bra and black panties. Much like most of her other uploads, the image has proven to be quite popular, receiving over 70,000 likes as of this writing.