WWE News: Kofi Kingston Retirement Plans Revealed

This year, WWE superstar Kofi Kingston has enjoyed his most successful period in the company to date, but he's already planning ahead for life after wrestling. During a conversation with Newsweek, the former World Champion was asked about his retirement plans, to which he responded that it's a topic that's been on his mind.

According to Kingston, the hectic demands of the WWE schedule have been taking their toll on him, and he isn't sure if he'll be able to keep it up in the long run.

"Five years is such a long time away, but you'd be a fool if you didn't plan ahead," Kingston said. "It's really early to say, but at the end of this five years [it] might be the end of my career, not just from an injury or physical perspective, but just not being home. Being away from my kids is very difficult. We had to go an extra day last week and we had a live event and then media day in Minneapolis, and then we had TLC and then I came home Monday and then back on the road Tuesday."

Kingston is currently 38-years-old, and while he's still able to perform at a high level, he is moving toward the twilight stage of his in-ring career. In five years, he'll be 42-years-old, which might prompt him to hang up his boots or pursue a lighter schedule.

However, Kingston admitted that it's very likely that he'll retire after his current deal expires, but fans can rest assured knowing that he still has a few years left before that happens.

Kingston -- along with his fellow New Day members Big E and Xavier Woods -- just signed a new long-term contract with WWE. During the interview, he revealed that it was important for all three superstars to sign new contracts as without each of them, the group wouldn't exist.

The superstar also said that he'd like to see The New Day receive more solo title runs while remaining affiliated with each other as a faction. This supports claims that he made back in November, when he said that Big E deserves to be a World Champion.

Kingston concluded the interview by looking back on his year, in which he revealed that he's pleased with everything that he's accomplished. Despite the shocking World Championship loss to Brock Lesnar, Kingston revealed that he's proud to have connected with so many fans emotionally during his run. He also cited the recent Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match against The Revival as a highlight.