Savannah Chrisley's Puzzling Instagram Snap Leaves Followers Asking Questions About Her Legs

Trisha Faulkner

Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley took to her Instagram roughly nine hours ago to share a truly puzzling snapshot that has many of her followers doing a double-take as they try to figure out where her legs are.

The questionable, but adorable, snap features Savannah hanging out with Chloe. The duo appears to be attending an outdoor Christmas event.

Behind Savannah and Chloe, followers see tons of vibrant, purple strip lights dangling down. They are also standing on pavement that is so shiny it looks as if it is wet. The reflection of all of the gorgeous draped strip lights is visible in the shiny flooring as well making the scenery behind them even brighter.

The Chrisley girls are all smiles as they stand in the center of the winter wonderland.

The photo was well-received by her followers.

In nine hours, the sweet photo accumulated 70,000 likes and just shy of 400 comments.

It didn't take long for Savannah's followers to notice her father Todd Chrisley left a comment on the picture.

"Where yo legs be?" Chrisley jested as he called attention to the awkward angle of the photo.

Savannah was rocking a long black coat. In the photo, she leaned forward so her face could be close to the same height level as Chloe while smiling and posing.

The combination of how she was standing paired with her coat and pants being the same color caused her legs to disappear into the picture. Her feet, however, were clearly visible at the bottom of her oddly shaped body.

Chloe standing next to Savannah while rocking a pair of purple leggings covered in glitter that hugged her small legs only made further highlighted the lack of legs attached to the bottom of Savannah's body.

Many of Savannah's followers echoed Todd's sarcastic comment regarding her legs.

While a quick scroll through the comments section doesn't reveal too many people talking about the strange angle of the photo, Todd's comment attracted a lot of attention. Nearly 650 of Chrisley's followers liked her father's comment. Another 50 of her followers even responded to the comment. Many were quick to thank Todd as they wanted to ask the same question.

"Was wondering the same thing haha," one follower chuckled.

There were also a few individuals who gushed about how much they adored the relationship Todd shared with his daughter.

Savannah also a lot of followers who opted to comment on how beautiful both she and Chloe were instead of focusing on the peculiar angle.