Mathilde Tantot Displays Bare Booty & Poses Alongside Her Dog

Mathilde Tantot takes a selfie.
Mathilde Tantot / Instagram

Mathilde Tantot shared a new Instagram update with her fans today. There were two photos in total, and the focus was on her bare curves and on her dog.

The first photo gave fans an eyeful of booty, as the stunner sat on her knees and leaned forward on the bed. She sported light lavender thong bottoms, which featured a small anime girl character in the center. Mathilde looked especially tan in this shot. Her brown dog could be seen snuggling up to the model with not a care in the world. Behind her was a black headboard and a side table with a lamp.

The second photo showed Mathilde laying down the other way on the bed. She rested her head in her arms, and revealed that she was topless for the occasion. Pieces of her wavy hair fell down her back. Her dog leaned against her hips this time, and glanced directly at the camera.

Fans rushed to the comments section to leave their compliments. And although followers typically focus on Mathilde’s good looks, her dog seemed to steal the show this time.

“What breed is it? as it is called? she is very pretty,” wondered an admirer, who found out from the model that it is a spaniel.

“She is the best part of my whole life. She is incredible,” wrote Mathilde, in response to being asked more about her dog.

Others joked about the pet.

“That dog has a better life than me,” complained a follower.

“That dog has no idea how good they got it,” joked a fan.

“She know where its at,” wrote a fourth Instagram user.

This is also the first update from the model’s bedroom since she embarked on a vacation to Jamaica. She was there with her identical twin sister, Pauline. It remains to be seen whether the bombshell will release more photos from the trip now that it seems to be over.

Mathilde previously showed off her booty in a lavender string bikini. The photo showed her standing with her back toward the camera. The model glanced over her left shoulder while holding her hands together in front of her. Her hair fell down her upper back.

Behind her was a sparkling blue pool, palm trees, and the ocean could be seen in the distance. The shot was taken on a sunny day with only small clouds visible in the sky.