December 21, 2019
Aubrey O'Day Dons A Red Bodysuit In New Instagram Pic

Aubrey O'Day shared a new Instagram update with her fans today. The singer posed in a bright red bodysuit that left her cleavage on display.

She stood with one leg crossed in front of the other and placed her left hand on the nape of her neck. Meanwhile, she held her locks on her right hand. Aubrey opted for an elaborate hairstyle. Her bangs framed the right side of her face, with the main focus on her long braids. It started on the left side of her middle part and extended behind her head into an extra-long mermaid-inspired ponytail. The main portion of her hair was done with fishtail braids, as she wrapped a chunky silver chain inside her locks.

In addition, Aubrey's makeup was notable. She wore dark and shimmery foundation, along with metallic pink lipstick. Her eyes were done with heavy eyeliner on both lids, with a dab of white eyeshadow on her inner lids. In addition, she used sparkling pink eyeshadow under her brows.

The stunner accessorized with a ring and a large charm necklace. She also sported a couple of large silver bracelets on her left wrist. And that's not to mention her gold Chanel belt. It was wrapped around her midriff with large branded charms dangling in front.

The background of the photo was dark on the left side, which gave way to bright yellow and orange hues. A video filter was added to the image, which made it appear as though sparkling gold bits of light were falling from the sky and onto the Danity Kane singer.

Fans headed to the comments section to leave their positive reviews of the new update.

"Wow Aubrey, you shine like gold and you still look beautiful as you can ever be and I love you very much," gushed a follower.

"THE QUEEN! Always killing IT!" exclaimed an admirer.

"I live for you Werk!!" raved a fan.

And as much as people were distracted by Aubrey's looks, others had something else on their mind.

"How do you get these effects in your pics? I love them!!" asked a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, the bombshell shared another update where she rocked a bodysuit. This time, it was a snakeskin-print ensemble. It had a front half-zip accent that she left open. The piece had long sleeves and hugged her curves tightly. The shot was taken from a low vantage point, as Aubrey propped up her right knee and placed her hand on top.