Dwayne Johnson Reveals His New Dwanta Claus Ice Cream Is Already Sold Out

Trisha Faulkner

Unfortunately, those hoping to snag a pint of Dwayne Johnson's new Salt & Straw Dwanta Claus Ice Cream have missed the boat, as it is officially sold out.

According to a recent Instagram post from Johnson, the launch of his Dwanta Claus Ice Cream was a huge success. In the caption of his video clip, he noted that they did not expect the ice cream to sell out as fast as it did.

As Johnson has explained in previous Instagram posts, he and his business partner, Danny Garcia, now have an ownership share in up-and-coming ice cream company Salt & Straw, after making a huge investment in the business.

Johnson took to Instagram just five days ago to unveil his new ice cream flavors.

Five days ago, Johnson shared a six-minute video announcing his ownership of the company. The video kicked off with the actor singing "Here comes Dwanta Claus," as he slowly walked through his house and headed for the freezer.

Johnson continued to explain that their elves at the Salt & Straw factory in Portland, Oregon, had been busy creating a line of exciting new holiday Dwanta Claus-themed ice cream that feature some of his favorite taste inspirations.

The second flavor, called "I Saw Mommy Kissing Dwanta Claus," features Whiskey-infused ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie dough, and milk chocolate caramel fudge.

During the unveiling video, Dwayne opened the lid of both types of ice cream to make sure his followers could see what was inside. He clarified that these were pints of ice cream, but they looked small in size because of his large hands. When he cracked each pint of ice cream open, he also revealed that he had already enjoyed some of each flavor. A quick glance of his freezer also revealed that he stocked up on several pints of each flavor.

Johnson's video announcing the ice cream was sold out has been viewed just shy of 2 million times. His unveiling video from five days ago has been viewed 10.5 million times. Collectively, his two posts have accumulated roughly 11,000 comments.

"Thank you to all! We are incredibly grateful for your business," Salt & Straw exclaimed in the comments.

The comments section of the sold out announcement didn't contain much in terms of chatter. Many kept things simple by congratulating Johnson and wishing him a Merry Christmas. The comments section was also flooded with heart and fire-themed emojis.