Tammy Hembrow Leaves Little To The Imagination In Sheer Bra On Instagram

Hammy Hembrow wears a silver dress.
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Tammy Hembrow took to Instagram earlier today to share a revealing video selfie that’s sure to have caught many fans’ attention. The still made it appear as though the outfit might be all about her miniskirt, but it was quickly apparent that she was rocking a sheer bra. This see-through lingerie meant that the model left nothing to the imagination.

In addition, the stunner wore her hair pulled up into an extra-tall bun. She left her bangs out to frame the side of her face. Her makeup included dark purple eyeshadow on her eyelids, along with shimmery blush. The social media sensation also sported light pink and glossy lipstick.

The video began with a close-up of Tammy’s face, as she pursed her lips and gave flirty looks. She brushed the right side of her head a couple of times while maintaining a full pout. From there, the model smiled briefly before standing up. She continued to gaze at the camera. She tugged at her bottoms briefly before standing further back to show off her outfit.

Tammy kept playing with her hair before moving her knees around slightly. The model then spun around and gave fans a peek at her angel wing tattoo on her upper back. At the end of the clip, she leaned forward with a big smile on her face.

This video was taken in a white bathroom with glass shower doors visible in the back left of the frame. There was a tall, brown horizontal stripe of tiling right behind Tammy. The space was well-lit, and Tammy’s skin looked glowing and flawless.

Fans took to the comments section to gush about the scandalous look.

“Wth Tammy, you slay too much. You should be a world conquerer by now,” joked a follower.

“Wow its mind blowing how insanely beautiful you are,” raved an admirer.

“You are just so D*MN CUTE,” gushed a fan.

“Ty so much for everything that you do!” wrote a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, the model was seen in another social media update that left little to the imagination. This time, she rocked a tie-dye bikini. The first photo of the set was of Tammy laying on her stomach, with her cleavage on display. She propped herself up with her arms. The second photo showed her sitting up with her right knee propped up. She wore her hair in a half-ponytail, which she placed high on her head.