December 21, 2019
Christina Aguilera Delights Fans With 'Genie In A Bottle' Video With A Christmas Twist

Christina Aguilera used one of her earliest hits to encourage her fans to add her on TikTok. On Saturday, the singer took to Instagram to give her 6.5 million followers a small taste of the content that they'll get to enjoy if they follow her on the hot new social media app.

In a short video, a barefoot Christina was shown walking down the staircase in her luxurious home. She was rocking black leggings and a black long-sleeved turtleneck. She also had on a festive red and black plaid flannel shirt, which she was wearing tied up in the front. Christina's long, blond hair was styled in a sleek, high ponytail.

A black and white patterned rug partially covered the marble floor of Christina's spacious foyer. A huge, red plush stocking was standing up in the center of the rug. As Christina's popular 1999 song "Genie in a Bottle" played, the singer did a little genie dance on the bottom step of the staircase. She placed the palms of her hands together, lifted them over her head, and wiggled her hips from side-to-side as she moved up and down. She then leaped off the step, making it look like she was jumping inside the Christmas stocking.

Christina continued her genie dance before ducking down and disappearing behind the stocking. The video ended after she popped back up again and blew her fans a kiss.

The video gave Christina's fans a good look at some of her holiday decorations. A massive Christmas tree decorated with white lights, gold ribbon, and large ornaments had been placed in the foyer near the bottom of the stairs. The extravagant tree even had a toy train circling its base. The legs of a life-sized fake Santa Claus were also visible off to the left.

Over the span of an hour, Christina's 6.5 million Instagram followers hit the "like" button on her post more than 120,000 times.

"Omg please let this break the internet," read one response to the video.

"I'm coming over," wrote reality show star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.

"We love a creative queen," another fan remarked.

"Yaaaaaas tiktok Queen! I'm now going to have to sign up," a fourth admirer commented.

This wasn't the only entertaining video that Christina shared on Instagram this week. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Christina recently celebrated her 39th birthday, and she gave her fans an inside look at the festivities in a behind-the-scenes video. The "Beautiful" singer rocked a sparkly red dress for the occasion, and she had a hilarious reaction when the front of the garment popped open.