British Stunner Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Puts On Lime Green Lingerie

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears a black dress.
Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

British stunner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, took to Instagram to share a new photo with her fans. And it’s likely to have caught many people’s attention, considering that she was seen rocking a lime green lingerie set.

The matching pieces featured lace throughout. On the bra, the lace details were on the cups. Her bottoms, on the other hand, had a sheer lace piece in the front.

The model was seen posing indoors in a well-lit room. She perched on the edge of a light pink, modern couch. She sat up and bent her right knee while placing her other foot on the ground. Rosie wore her hair down in a middle part, with her soft waves falling on either side of her face. She smiled sweetly with her lips slightly parted and gazed into the distance.

The blonde accessorized with thin hoop earrings and a short necklace. She wore a ring on her left pointer finger as well. In addition, she wore shimmery eyeshadow and glossy, light pink lipstick.

The update was a paid partnership with Marks and Spencer. Rosie is known for her work with the brand under the name, “Rosie for Autograph.” The pieces mostly range in price from a little under $18 to $49.

The stunner has been working with M&S since at least 2003 and has found amazing success with the brand.

She previously opened up about her lingerie collection with M&S to The Telegraph.

“There was definitely an element of surprise. It’s been exciting and… really fulfilling. Much more than I thought. I’ve always wanted to design – that’s actually why I got into modelling in the first place – but I love going up to the headquarters and being around Soozie Jenkinson [head of lingerie design at M&S] and learning, learning, learning,” she explained.

The model also attributed her expertise to her prior experience with Victoria’s Secret.

“I know lingerie because I’ve worn it [professionally] for 10 years. I’ve learnt how women’s bodies work; I’ve learnt how my body works. I mean, if you’re not picking up something after 10 years, something is wrong,” said Rosie.

Previously, the bombshell shared another update of herself in lingerie. That time, however, she sported a dark purple bra and bottoms. In the first photo of the set, Rosie was spotted lounging on the ground by a vintage-looking, pink couch. She propped herself up with her right arm and played with her hair with her other hand. A second photo saw her laying on her right side, while a final image showed her striking the Bambi pose.