‘Brazilian Megan Fox’ Claudia Alende Gets Cute For The Camera While Trying On Clothes

Claudia Alende wears a strapless white dress and poses for the camera
Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images

Claudia Alende put on a fashion show in her latest Instagram video, which she posted to her account on Saturday evening. The model, who’s been dubbed the “Brazilian Megan Fox” for her uncanny resemblance to the Hollywood actress, shared several fashion looks, and asked her fans which one they liked best.

In the video, Claudia is first seen wearing a pair of high-waisted jeans and a black bra top. The outfit showed off the model’s ample cleavage, tiny waist, flat tummy, toned arms, curvy hips, and long, lean legs.

Claudia accessorized the look with multiple chains around her neck and rings on her fingers. She wore her long, dark hair parted in the middle and styled in straight strands that fell down her back.

The Brazilian beauty also sported a full face of makeup, which included defined eyebrows, thick lashes, and bright pink eye shadow. She added a shimmering glow on her face, pink blush to bring out her high cheekbones, and a dark pink lipstick to complete the glam look.

Claudia then added a light-blue Rolling Stones T-shirt over the black bra, which she tucked partly into her jeans before adding a denim bucket hat on her head.

Later, she switched to a pair of navy blue pants and a one-strapped black velvet crop top before pairing the ensemble with a long, fur-lined coat and heeled boots.

Finally, Claudia wore a black pleated skirt and a long-sleeved red sweater with black horizontal stripes, which she tucked into the skirt and accessorized with a large black belt. She pulled her hair back with a red bow in the outfit, and added a silver purse, which she slung over her shoulder.

Over 9.6 million of Claudia’s followers couldn’t get enough of the video, and watched the clip more than 64,000 times while leaving over 100 comments in the span of two hours.

“I am one of your fans and I love you so much. I really want to meet you,” one of Claudia’s Instagram followers said in the comments section of the video.

“Smoking hot woman,” another adoring fan wrote.

“Beautiful and sexy as hell and I love you so much,” a third comment read.

“You look amazing in all the outfits,” a fourth social media user gushed over the model.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the model recently wowed her fans in a low-cut ruby red tinsel dress that proved to be perfect for the holiday season.

That photo was a hit with Claudia Alende’s fans, who have clicked the like button more than 131,000 times and left nearly 600 comments on the photo to date.