December 21, 2019
Lele Pons Flashes Underboob While Rocking Swimsuit In The Snow

YouTube star Lele Pons braved the cold and rocked a swimsuit in the snow for a photo shoot on skis.

On Wednesday, Lele took to Instagram to share a series of three snapshots. In all of them, she was pictured rocking a black one-piece swimsuit. The garment featured high-cut leg design that drew attention to the blond beauty's long, shapely legs and slender hips.

The bathing suit also had an oval-shaped cutout in the center of the bust. The large opening showcased a generous amount of underboob.

Lele was wearing a white knitted scarf around her neck, and she had a matching beanie on her head. Her long, curly hair spilled out from beneath the cozy hat. For her beauty look, she sported bright pink eye shadow, dark lashes, and a pale pink lip.

Lele was also wearing ski gear, including sturdy boots, thick white gloves, and large mirrored ski goggles. However, in all of her photos, the goggles remained on top of her head.

In her first snapshot, Lele wasn't wearing her skis. Instead, she had them standing up, and her left hand was resting on their front tips. She was posing on a snowy slope with a gorgeous mountain view. Peaks covered with green trees were visible behind her. A ski lift could also be seen in the background. Lele was standing in the shade near a small pine tree.

In her second photo, Lele was skiing down the side of the slope with ski poles in her hands. The third photo was a shot of what happened when Lele seemingly took a spill. Her legs were spread with her right knee bent somewhat awkwardly, and she was tossing one ski pole up in the air. She had a look of alarm and surprise on her face.

Lele geotagged the location of her photo shoot as the Snow Valley Mountain Resort in the San Bernardino National Forest. In the caption of her Instagram post, she complained about being cold after wearing a swimsuit in the snow. However, her suffering for her art paid off. The social media sensation's 37.9 million followers rewarded her post with over 2.5 million likes.

"So hot you're gonna melt all the ice," read one response to her photos.

"Omg it must be freezing but at least you were the hottest in the mountains with that outfit," wrote another fan.

"You look hot and cold at the same time," a third admirer remarked.

Lele isn't the only celebrity who has posed for swimsuit photos in the snow. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, former Dance Moms star Kalani Hilliker was photographed rocking a white swimsuit during a trip to the French Alps. She posed for a photo with ballet dancer Elle Danjean, who was sporting a bikini.